The Leap Motion controller is a USB-sized piece of aluminum that possesses Kinect-like gesture controls. Laptops with integrated Leap Motion tech are rolling production lines, and the company's CEP Michael Buckwald says it's targeting smartphones and tablets next.

"We expect that there will be tablets and phones in the market with Leap Motion technology embedded next year, probably in Q3 or Q4," said Buckwald in a briefing with TNW.

But Leap Motion isn't limiting its new input technology to PCs and mobile devices. Buckwald also wants Leap Motion's gesture tech integrated into tablets, phones, TVs and head-mounted displays and cars.

Buckwald admits there are still major challenges in interfacing Leap Motion gestures into everyday devices such as tablets. It isn't a matter of simply integrating the controller, but figuring out how to bring new and innovative experiences to Leap Motion-integrated products.

"[For tablets] it’s about creating a three dimensional experience for interacting with the tablet. There are some unique things though that we’re talking to OEMs about because you could use that 3D space to interact with screens that are distant as well. So you can imagine syncing an Android phone to a TV on the other side of the room and then using the space above it to control that TV."