Being Smart with Smartphone 
Since its invention, Smartphones are fast becoming one of the most sought after gadget in the world. Smartphone companies around the world are coming up with new models in every six months or one year max. You as a consumer are waiting patiently for your preferred phone and when it will ultimately come to your hand we are sure we will be more than happy. 

But, Smartphone are of course fragile and they need protection. Despite of the fact that some of the Smartphones come with Gorilla glass screen and tough enough to wither some shocks and scratches but it’s not indestructible. This is where need of tempered glass screen protector comes.  These days wholesale tempered glass Screen Protector Manufacturers around the world and especially from China are offering a wide range for consumers and buyers. Moreover, bulk tempered glass Screen Protector Producers sometimes offer really good offer for customers.

The big question remains though.

Why one should use tempered glass screen protector? 

1) Sharpness and Clarity

Uniqueness of tempered glass won’t affect colors, image quality and sharpness of the display of your Smartphone. On the other hand Plastic screen protector can surely affect display of your phone due to bad transmission of light. It means you will always get a better visual and if you are passionate about photography tempered glass screen protector surely is your choice. 

2) Help to reduce glare

One of the specialties of tempered glass screen protector is its Anti-glare property which cuts down the glare on your Smartphone’s LCD screen. This is possible because tempered glass screen protector manufacturers have been using a matte finishing coat to reduce the consistency of reflected images. Anti-glare protectors also improve screen visibility thus enables owners to utilize their devices more comfortably by reducing eye tension.

3) No more sticking of fingers

Usually, wholesale bulk tempered glass screen protectors crafted their products in such a way that they remain almost unnoticeable so the screen clarity is unaffected. They are usually ultra-thin compared with other types and offer a shiny, smooth surface that users can easily maneuver across without sticking.

4) Resistant to fingerprints & Dirt

Most of these come with oleophobic coating which also makes them resistant to finger prints and dirt. Because, oleophobic coating repels skin oils and helps provide resistance to the appearance and attachment of fingerprints and smudges.  

5) Shatter-resistant

Good quality tempered glass screen protector provides effective protection against scratches and shattering in the event of drops.  Moreover, it won’t hurt you with glass shards if at all screen breaks due to sudden 

6) Durable

One of the best reasons to pick tempered glass screen protector over plastic is its durability factor. Tempered glasses manufactures in China and all over the world make it a point to provide at least2.5D hardness.  Keep yourself worry-free about your Smartphone’s display meeting 
your keys or coins in your pocket. Good quality tempered glass can also resist scratches from pointed sharp object and can even absorb shock when you occasionally drop your phone, thus protecting your display. With more severe falls, tempered glass will shatter in to small pieces but your display will remain intact. We will recommend that one should always go for 0.33mm 2.5D Double Strength Tempered Glass. 

7) Better Feel

The Tempered glass feels like a non-existent glass layer on top and while you touch it, it feels lot better than conventional plastic. Since it’s also more durable, the experience remains same in the long run. It is much easier to get rid of fingerprint grease as well. The conventional scratch guard on the other hand won’t feel like glass, but plastic.

8) Easier to Clean 

With time Scratch Guard accumulates more scratches and is much harder to clean. You can simply wipe it from the corner of your tee or handkerchief. 


Every Smartphone owner must consider buying a screen protector as, tempered glass screen protector is quite safe and shielding their phones from unforeseen accidental damages.  Moreover, it offers added benefits, such as anti-glare, don’t scattered into shards and anti-reflective coverage. Before buying one, make sure that it comes with Oleophobic coating, 9H hardness and silicon adhesive at the back so that it doesn’t affect touch sensitivity. Once you use a good quality tempered glass then you are actually ensuring safety of your device.