Cloud technology has become increasingly more popular with businesses over the years, as a way of storing and managing data on a network of remotely hosted servers on the internet. Things businesses often overlook, like running costs and security assumed as just being part of owning a business, can be managed through cloud computing. Switching to a cloud technology can bring numerous benefits to a business, and here are just a few.

1. Reduced IT costs 
Like previously mentioned, cloud technology stores your data in online servers, essentially creating a virtual office for your business. This means that employees can access data from any device, anywhere, anytime, subsequently reducing the cost for maintaining in-office IT systems. Enabling employees to work from their own devices means less money spent on expensive equipment and software. Similarly, it may reduce your energy consumption costs as well as the cost of technicians who install or repair such equipment.
2. Flexibility
Cloud technology provides greater, increased flexibility in how employees work. As it is internet based, employees can access data and files out the office just as easily as if they were there, allowing them to work remotely from home - or anywhere for that matter!

Along with this, many businesses are now introducing a ‘bring your own device (BYOD)’ policy to allow workers to access the cloud technology via their own personal computer, smartphone or tablet. All of this allows companies to cut down on the office space they need, as well as providing more flexible working conditions for employees. In return, this will create a more productive workforce.
3. Increased Security
As businesses increase their use of remote access and workers are connected through cloud technologies, companies such as Wandera provide a zero-trust cloud security solution in order to protect this newfound way of working. Security, for any business, is of paramount importance, and with cloud technology, your data and devices are protected from cyber threats, hacking and theft. 

With the use of threat intelligence engines to identify and eliminate threats and real-time insights on risks, Wandera is able to detect and isolate threats before they reach your server, providing you with the reassurance that your data is secure and protected from any form of cyber-attack.
4. Faster Performance
The increasing use of cloud technologies is creating a very competitive market and, in order to keep up, providers are constantly updating their technology to meet the demands of customers. Similarly, cloud technologies use load balancing so that when the servers are busy, no single server will suffer performance problems and rather the load will be distributed, constantly ensuring optimal performance.
5. Environmentally Friendly
 Switching the way you store your data from physically to online using cloud computing can actually help significantly reduce your carbon footprint. It takes a lot of energy to power servers or keep them cool, and so by using cloud technology instead, you’ll reduce your energy consumption as well as the overall impact on the environment. It’s a win-win situation! Help save some money and help save the environment.