Living healthily can be achieved by performing a healthy routine. Exercise every day, have enough sleep and eat healthy food. However, that could be difficult to do without proper support from professionals. Huawei solves that problem by creating a gadget that can act as a professional consultant for your healthy lifestyle. It is called huawei band 4 pro.


The Design

Huawei Band 4 Pro is one of the Smartwatch products that have main features as healthy lifestyle support. Therefore, the design also uses that concept. It is made of breathable material for its belt. You feel more comfortable with it. 

Moreover, the screen is pretty big, which can tell you all information that you want to know about your healthy activity, such as exercise, your body condition and more. Huawei provides three different color options you can choose for this Smart wristband, which are red, black, and light pink. 


Huawei uses the 0.95 inch AMOLED touch screen that displays all information in high resolution. Furthermore, you also can access the Huawei WATCH Face Store to get the different themes for the display. Find one that you like, from cartoons, sports, or futuristic themes. The AMOLED screen also allows you to operate it easily. The touch screen feature on this screen works accurately with high responsiveness.


As the health Smart device, its features are something that you will need a lot. First of all, it has 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring features. This feature has an AI system that can monitor your heart rate condition. Its TruSeen 3.5 technology allows it to provide an accurate result, even when you are sleeping.

As for sleep activity, this gadget also has the TruSleep 2.0 features. You can use it to identify your sleeping condition. It includes the ability to detect six types of sleep problems that you might have. Best of all, this gadget also provides the recommendation, based on the latest medical information, for solving and curing that problem. 

Working out, jogging, or walking also will be much easier with the GPS feature on this gadget. As long as you can access the internet, the Huawei Band 4 Pro provides detailed location information for free. You don’t have to bring your phone. 

You can concentrate on your outdoor exercise.

Moreover, it also can track your favorite outdoor activity, such as walking, cycling, or other activities. Then, it will rate and provide you a record of what you have been doing. You can use this information to discover your limit or your achievement in each of the exercises that you have done before. Then, you can try to push your limit to get a better result with your training.


Huawei has created one of the best gadgets for a healthy lifestyle through this product. It provides many features that help you to do all exercises and healthy habits. Moreover, it has a fashionable design which allows you to wear it anytime you want. That makes huawei band 4 pro a device you should have.