A team of Australian researchers have developed a beer that will rehydrate you as you drink it. All this is thanks to some electrolytes. Beer plus 100 plus you say?

The nutrition researchers from the Griffith Health Institute in Queensland say they've "improved" beer with their new recipe. They enhanced two different commercial beers, one light and one dark and gave them to test subjects who had just exercised. Normally, most people don't drink beer after a workout.

The participants had to replace 150 percent of body mass lost during the workout session within an hour by drinking one of four beers. Two were electrolyte enhanced while the other two were normal beers.

The electrolyte-enhanced beers rehydrated test subjects better by more than a third!

Sadly, this brew isn't quite ready for the commercial market yet. But imagine if it was! Doing your pilates while you booze up? Sounds, er, weird. [CNET]