Cryptocurrencies have been rising since their introduction to the trade market in 2009, and Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency that stepped into the world. However, several other volatile currency surfaced in the trade market once they started winning hearts with their high ROIs. If you are a rookie investor confused about which crypto to invest in, then the following article can enlighten you with detailed information.

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Variations In Cryptocurrencies

There are over 19000 different categories of cryptocurrencies available in the trade market. Each one comes with vibrant features and trading facilities. In such circumstances, you would find fierce competitiveness in the trade market. Thus, it might confuse you greatly when choosing the ideal crypto for your investments. However, you have nothing to worry about as the following article will help you understand the basics of the top cryptocurrencies ruling over the trade market. Here you go!


- The first and the foremost type of cryptocurrency you should be aware of is bitcoin. It came into existence holding the hands of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Its white papers went to the market only a decade back, and now it is recognized as the most prioritized and popular cryptocurrency. 

- Bitcoin did not succeed in winning the hearts and interests of many people when it was still in its initial stages. However, within a few years of its invention in the trade market, big brand CEOs like Elon Musk and other entrepreneurs started interested in these cryptocurrencies. It did not take much time after these events for bitcoin to hit a trade market valuation of $900 soon. Last year, in December 2021, Bitcoin hit the maximum price of $69000.

- People think most of the time that what are the possible reasons behind such craze of Bitcoins among the masses. Well, bitcoin is the only convenient investable cryptocurrency that no government bodies or political parties can get their hands on due to its decentralized network. Blockchain technology is yet another factor that ensures that all transactions in the crypto trade market are safe and secure from the prevailing dangers of cyber thefts. 


- If you are afraid of the volatility factor in the crypto trade market, then you should take an interest in Stablecoins in the first place. Do not mix up Altcoins and Stablecoins, as they hold slight differences. 

- Any coin from Bit6coin in the crypto trade market is popularly known as an altcoin. As the name suggests, these are the alternatives to bitcoins, giving you almost similar facilities but in different ways. 

- Stablecoins, on the other hand, is an essential type of alternative coin in the crypto trade market. However, it has got an eye-opening difference from Bitcoins which is stability. As you know, the bitcoin trade market is very volatile, where the digital currencies' market value keeps fluctuating. Sometimes you might find it at the height of prices, whereas, the next day, you might find it at the base mark. 

- However, if you want to avoid such dangerous volatility in the trade market, you can focus on stablecoins like Tether. Its market value does not face many fluctuations as it is pledged to the fiat currencies of various nations; for example, Tether's value is directly proportional to the value of US dollars. Thus, its value can only rise on most days but fall significantly less. 


- Another type of cryptocurrency which might interest you is the DApps or decentralized applications. In simple words, you might come across various crypto tokens like Ether from the Ethereum blockchain and a lot more which can help you form smart contracts in the trade market. You can utilize these contracts to pay off your bills, sign digital contracts, pay off rents, restaurant bills, electricity bills, etc. 
- Another interesting fact about these popular tokens is that if you can arrange a certain amount of digital tokens, you can utilize them to purchase more valuable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and others. 

Thus, it is finally time to go through each cryptocurrency that might excite you and do your homework correctly to get your attention towards the ideal one.