When we look into what a  paper folding machine actually does, it’s pretty simple. It folds paper! Not very exciting but the benefits and capabilities of these machines offer more than you might realise. The right machine provides increased production efficiency and improved quality, with a decrease in overall costs. 

Instead of losing the will to live whilst you hand-crease a million and one bits of paper, a piece of kit like this means you can get on with other jobs, thus increasing your production and ultimately generating more income. You'll be able to take on more projects and keep focused on other areas of your business. 


Before purchasing one, it's a good idea to think about what you need it to do. The most important considerations are the amount of folding your business requires, the frequency of how often you need the service and the types of folds involved. Do you need something really heavy-duty that can handle large volumes of card? Or are you just going to be folding some straightforward inserts? The jobs involved will determine the type of machine that can fulfill all your needs.

A Pain-Free Solution
Paper folding machines create professional results in seconds. Gone are the days of laborious hand creasing and folding all those pamphlets and newsletters. With precise, crisp creases, each item offers exceptional results that will give the best impression for all your customers. 

Don’t listen to people who say that print is dead… In fact, did you know that, by combining print and digital ads, it will make online campaigns 400 % more effective? That’s why you need the best paper folding machine. Extremely reliable and user-friendly, they are an essential piece of equipment in the printing industry. Where card and paper are being folded on a large scale that can not be achieved manually, especially down to speed and accuracy, these efficient machines are a savvy investment. They take away the toil of folding documents by hand and come in two main styles, suction feed and friction feed. 

Which Is The Best Option For Your Needs?
Suction feed folders ensure easy feeding, especially when dealing with smoother materials like glossy or coated documents. These models will be invaluable in your digital printing house and help to reduce man-hours with tedious manual-folding. With their ability to handle long format sheets, it will allow you to offer more creative services to your clients, especially those that produce a wide variety of promotional material or items for a specific application. 

Friction feed folders are fitted with specially designed rollers to move the paper into the machine at speed. These models are equally at home in small businesses or schools, due to their ease of use and compact, space-saving size. 

When First Impressions Count
Both types have a variety of presets or custom settings to give full control over your folding operations. From mailshots to invoices, all jobs that require folding can be speedily finished and out for posting in no time at all. Receiving a misfolded or ripped piece of mail does not inspire confidence in business. If you are sending out large quantities of mail to customers you need speed and accuracy. A folding machine will work precisely and accurately every time.