Gomovies is an online streaming website for watching new Hollywood movies and TV shows seamlessly. It is a new interface of the oldest website 123movies. Before you get into watching movies on Gomovies, there are certain facts to understand. Gomovies and 123movies both are very popular in offering recently released Hollywood movies safely. 


Why GoMovies is so Trendy These Days?
At Gomovies, you can watch movies pretty safe Internet environment along with providing an option to be an anonymous user. The venture that owns Gomovies is legally entitled to publish Hollywood movies in general but not the newly released. Hence, in case you see a message on your computer screen that this website is not authorized the public to view, do not panic. 

You are not doing anything wrong nor will any legal action be taken against you for using Gomovies to watch movies by streaming. This message appears on two conditions – either the website should be on maintenance or Government through your Internet Service Provider should have blocked the website temporarily due to copyright issues of the newly released Hollywood movies. 

Use Proxies or VPNs To Visit GoMovies
Gomovies created a list of proxies to avoid being banned from continuous copyrights claims and several enforcement techniques of the Internet Service Providers. 

Gomovies was developed as an alternative to 123movies due to it was banned for releasing pirated movies. Also, to divert the attention of ISPs from the website being blocked, many other websites were created. Viewers can try streaming movies from other sister websites of Gomovies in case it does not open or shows blocked.


Sometimes, you might be redirected to 123movies when you try to access any of the above websites. This is because; all these are sister sites of Gomovies and replicate the same.

How safely can you stream movies from Gomovies?
Gomovies are free from malware, bugs, non-reliable /non-genuine redirects and any security breach to your computer. While using the site, you may receive pop-ups or notifications but you do not need to worry about it. It could be due to the maintenance of the website or to upkeep the services of Gomovies depending on viewers’ wish list of watching their favorite movies. Go for a dedicated and trusted VPN that keeps your computer safe and allows you to watch new Hollywood movies flawlessly.

Which is the best Virtual Private Network for online streaming?

Here is the list of Virtual Private Networks that can help you with fast online streaming.
Express VPN: This is considered the best VPN in all the ways for online streaming including speed, reliability, security, and accuracy.
NordVPN: This is a budget VPN with elevated features and one of the best selling in the market. It is a great value option for viewers from all segments.
CyberGhost: This is a reliable VPN especially suitable for beginners' online streaming.

Other Virtual Private Networks are also available in the market for a cheaper cost but you cannot risk your computer safety and security. So, prefer a renowned network that satisfies all your streaming needs.

Some Best Alternatives to Gomovies
You try to open Gomovies and see a message that the website is blocked, then your ISP must have blocked it permanently and unfortunately, it won’t come back. So these alternatives are available not to disappoint viewers.

1. 123movies: This is the direct alternative for Gomovies as Gomovies is the exact replicate of 123movies and viewers can stream new movies and TV shows in case your ISP blocks Gomovies. If you have access to Gomovies by any luck, add it to your VPN and then watch movies so that if your ISP does not block the site, VPN will add more protection. This will ensure that even if someone wants to know your identity while watching, it will not reveal.

2. Solarmovie: Use Solarmovie during downtimes of Gomovies. In addition, this similar type of online streaming services just like Gomovies allows you to watch new movies and a wide range of TV shows. You need not register your account and share your email credentials as it comes for free. Moreover, it delivers a high-standard video quality more than 480p, which is pretty convincing. Check for solar movies proxy list if at all the ISP blocks this website even.

3. IOMovies.to: This is one popular alternative for viewing movies at free in online. IOMovies.to is quite similar to Gomovies but offers better navigation to search your favorite Hollywood movies and TV shows with fast servers and easy categorization. But, it is not quite popular among viewers as they do not want to get their website down by Internet Service Providers.

4. Popcorn Time: Popcorn Time is pretty old in providing online streaming service for watching newly released Hollywood movies and TV shows without any hassle. They exist since 2010 and equally comparable to Gomovies. It is popular among viewers and so, they face many attacks from ISPs or government on copyright-enforcing entities. When one website is blocked, Popcorn Time readily keeps several proxies in hand and releases one by one.

These are a few trusted websites that you can make use of to watch movies through online streaming. Do remember the fact that whenever these websites become unavailable in your country, it may not be available forever. So, understand how proxies work and watch movies from several proxies released by Gomovies or any of the above sites.

Though piracy is an offense, still websites like Gomovies, 123movies, Popcorn Time, Solarmovie, etc., do not stop giving the privilege to their users to watch movies via online streaming. There could be people who cannot afford to watch a movie in a theatre still but can afford to have a VPN, which is just a monthly commitment. 

To make the plot common to everyone, numerous websites are released for viewers’ benefit. All you have to do is acquire a secure VPN connection such as NordVPN / CyberGhost VPN / any other secured connection that provides extreme access to watch online streaming movies without revealing your identity.