Buying makeup products can be tricky for some. Women have to try on different shades, remove them, try other products, and do it all over again. But a new 3D augmented-reality technology aims to make color testing a lot easier.
ModiFace, a facial-recognition company, launched its 3D Augmented-Reality Makeup and Anti-Aging Mirror at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas. The mirror simulates makeup products to show you how they'd look on your face in real-time, without having to upload a photo of yourself. Beauty items include blush, eye shadow, and anti-wrinkle cream.

Users can see what the products look like on a split "before" and "after" screen by tapping a shade palette on the Beauty Mirror screen. It’s also possible to see makeup and skincare effects from different angles, as you turn from side to side.

“Initially, our focus will be on retail by partnering with beauty brands,” ModiFace CEO Parham Aarabi explained. “After several in-store experiments with various retailers and brands, we found that an instant mirror-like virtual-product simulation could increase the counter and booth traffic for skin-care brands by 120%, and substantially increase in-store conversions. We just had to focus on getting the technical implementation to be photo-realistic and real-time. It took two years, but it’s now ready.”

The technology will come in the format of a standalone retail kiosk with a touchscreen monitor and camera, as well as a mobile app that can be used on a tablet at counters, or on consumers' tablets and smartphones.

“In 2D try-on, the goal is that interacting and virtually trying on makeup or skin products will lead to an increase in sales,” Aarabi said. “In many cases, this works well, especially with mobile apps. However, in retail settings, 2D can be slow and cumbersome since you have to wait, pose for a photo and wait for the result. In these cases, a mirror-like real-time 3D virtual simulation would be the ultimate marketing tool.”

The Beauty Mirror is said to roll out to various retailers later this year. See the mirror works below: