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See and be seen - social media as a platform of countless possibilities

Facebook or Instagram - despite big differences, social media networks have important similarities. Part of that is that they have become a place where millions of users share the important issues of the times. Facebook is a bit "text-heavy", on Instagram, however, everything revolves around pictures, videos and design elements. Here are more representatives of the creative scene.

Whether you are using a social media account privately or commercially: not being there means not being noticed. To avoid the conversation, not to be announced and not to be counted.

However, it also applies: In social media everything is much more binding than in personal acquaintances. Many users come and go as they please, and it takes a lot of work to turn them into fans or loyal followers. An accompanying phenomenon is: Sometimes the contributions that you have put a lot of effort into receive hardly any response. Others, however, post a supposedly boring picture at the same time and receive hundreds of likes for it.

Exploring the reasons may be possible in the long term, but changing that is much faster and requires less effort. As a rule of thumb, where there is already a mass of people on the market, there are more potential buyers. Simply because curiosity is in the nature of man.