Like to like much on Facebook? It's now going to be protected under free speech in the U.S.'s First Amendment.

It started in a funny but very real story where Sheriff BJ Roberts was running for reelection when six of his employees had liked his opponent's Facebook page. When he won the election, he subsequently fired them. They fought back, and the courts ruled that Likes don't require enough effort to count as free speech.

But now, it's going the other way. Now liking a Facebook page is the online equivalent of being able to say whatever you damn well please. Now you can't get fired for liking something. Or someone.

Will this stick? Is there a chance where liking something inappropriate should get you looked at by a discipline board at the very least?  Like say, you like a creep on Facebook, or some really inappropriate post on the social network. What then?  [WSJ via The Verge]