Want to get more likes on Instagram? Make sure your pictures have the color blue as a dominant color. According to a study, pics with blue perform 24% better than those with high concentrations of red and oranges.

Also, bright images perform better than dark images. (No-brainer here). Duck face selfies also seem to generate a tad more likes than normal selfies.


The findings come from Curalate, a visual analytics and marketing platform. They published a similar study based on Pinterest images a few months ago. Now, the company has analyzed over 8 million Instagram images and 30 image features including background ratio, lightness, dominant color and saturation.


“Likes on Instagram, while incredibly valuable, are hard to come by with 65 percent of Instagram images garnering between 0 and 10 likes,” said Apu Gupta, the CEO of Curalate in a press release issued by the company.

“By making a few small tweaks, brands looking to connect with consumers on visual sites like Instagram can see their engagement skyrocket, resulting in increased customer loyalty and more importantly, sales.”


Instagram is already trying to generate revenue, with Michael Kors' ad being the first one on the platform. Will findings like this affect the type and quality of ads we'll be seeing on the platform? No doubt about that.