Fecal transplant is real. And it performs wonders too. When antibiotics become useless against infections by the bacterium Clostrium difficile, some good old poop inserted into the gut can fix things back up. The only problem? Looking for a source of good poop.

OpenBiome is a poop bank of sorts. You can get human feces by the bottle, and it was created by two graduate students at Princeton and MIT. It offers pre-screened and transplant ready poop to clinicians and it is the first fecal bank of its kind.

The transplant works by reintroducing a healthy balance of microbes into the gut. It sounds super disgusting, but it is by far the most effective treatment out there for C. difficile. The infection tends to strike in patients who have gone through multiple rounds of antibiotics wreaking havoc on their gut microbiota.

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