We are all slowly dying. and it starts at 24. Everyone's brains will start to slow down. And this is according to research from Simon Fraser University in Canada. They found that cognitive decline starts from 24.

Which probably explains why you start to get stupider. The researchers used 3,300 people aged 16 to 44 to perform a series of tasks to test cognitive function and ability to multitask. They found that people got worse as they aged, which is not surprising.

But then, they found that the ability to mentally deal with life starts happening at 24. And for every 15 years beyond the age of 24, they found a 15% drop in cognitive ability.

TIME notes that this isn't that bad a thing though. Older brains can usually compensate for a lack of nimbleness and use experience and other mental shortcuts to circumvent slowness.

Still, to think that it all begins at the age of 24. We've been dying for a long time already.