It may seem that there's more smartphones out there than there are feature phones, but the latter have always been ahead. More people use feature phones, around the world that is.

Up until now. A 46.5% jump in sales prompted smartphones to outsell feature phones globally for the first time, according to a Gartner study.

Researchers estimate that smartphones accounted for 51.8% of mobile phone sales across the world. Feature phones declined 21% to 210 million units.

Gartner also found that Samsung still leads the market in unit sales, though Apple's sales grew more since 2Q 2012.


Android remains the dominant mobile OS with a 79% share.


The increase in worldwide smartphone sales is good news for Apple, which is rumored to be readying a release of a lower-cost version of the iPhone, the iPhone 5C. Such a model, which may lack features like Siri, would presumably appeal to more cost-conscious consumers in developing countries.