The media bar or a soundbar is another loudspeaker type that offers audio using a wide enclosure. It is wider when compared to partly tall for acoustic reasons and mounted near the display system. For example, it could be below the TV screen or a home theater or even above the computer monitor. The single cabinet is used to place the soundbar, multiple speakers for creating a stereo effect or surround sound. A Subwoofer is typically added or utilized as a supplement along with the soundbar.

Soundbar Specification

Most of the flat-panel TVs are only 2 or 3 inches thicker and now become thinner than earlier. Due to its thickness, most of the manufacturers will consider this factor to place the speakers & amplifiers out of the soundbar. Find below the list of available soundbar internal components for your reference:

-          The Audio processing feature will include the SRS WOW HD (High Definition), Dynamic range control, Volume, and EQ (Equalization).
-          RC5 or NEC protocols supported by IR (Infrared) remote control.
-          Wireless subwoofer option
-          Analog subwoofer option
-          Two 20 W Stereo output
-          Coaxed PDIF or S sources
-          Two VRMS (Voltage Root Mean Square) outputs are supported by Stereo analog inputs
-          Analog inputs like 3x Stereo, PDIF or S, and USB

Based on the designers to record the closest the project’s inspiration may vary. The soundbar internal components are essential for creating the best audio to hear on your TV.

Soundbar Audio

The Soundbar is one of the most popular and the best choice for everyone to utilize with the home entertainment systems. A few advantages are improved sound quality, easy set-up, and compact size when compared to TV speakers. It can enhance the movie viewing experience with the help of high-quality audio for complementing the HDTV video performance. The flat-panel televisions are benefited by attaching the speakers to have limited space.

The large screens HD TVs are connecting the soundbar along with the system using the HDMI or RCA cables. However, some of the other connections can also enhance the soundbar audio experience with the existing home entertainment system integration. Numerous sources are supported by multiple inputs for allowing the enhanced audio experience for gaming, movies, and TV.

The surround sound experience of some soundbar can utilize the speakers or DSP to reflect the sound for the listener. Irrespective of the 7.1 or 5.1 surround system, the soundbar could be an ideal option for any customers to enhance the sound quality within the constrained space environment.

Cost Designing

It is advisable to contact the suppliers and get assistance from the supporting people to choose the ideal components for your solution. They can immediately spot the incompatibilities and filter out the best soundbar internal components to use. For example, device A is not possible to work on a similar power rail-like device B. Review the components along with its pricing to get more support by partnering or assistance with the solution provider.

If device A is not working well then they could be accountable to provide an appropriate solution to resolve the issue. It is essential to identify the best components to use within your soundbar for getting an exceptional sound experience. Your R&D (Research & Development) Team should offer the best value by getting the best cost designing of your soundbar:

-          Stuffing options are commonly available only in PC motherboards. If not placed, it can consume a large space along with the components.
-          Multiple end products will share only one PCB & one design with either various stuffing options or firmware changes.
-          As per the product manager aspect, they are referred to as SKUs or Multiple stock-keeping units.
-          It is possible in terms of finances to get numerous products from one development.

This fully-featured system of the soundbar will include the analog inputs, PDIF or S, and USB modes for sharing the same PCB. Those products will only utilize analog inputs. It will allow creating two different electronic products launched at multiple price points using the soundbar internal components or items.