Gravity took the box office with a bang. Here's taking a look at some behind the scenes of how the film makes the vacuum of space sound extremely terrifying. Do you still want to go to space?

The SoundWorks collection documentary features Director Alfonso Cuarón and Re-recording Mixer Skip Lievsay, and they discuss how they attempted to stick a realistic sonic portrayal of space.

If you didn't know, sound in space is impossible. But filmmakers were looking for a scientific loohole to work around it for the sound. When a floating astronaut's body makes contact with something, the impact vibrations travel through their bodies to their ears.

In a scene, Sandra Bullock opens a huge steel hatch to an airlock, and a scraping sound of that traveled from the hatch to her hands and through her body to her ears.

The sound gurus used transducer mics that are attached to the surface of an object to record vibrations of the solid object instead of the vibration of air giving it a rather muffled quality and might just be what an astronaut hears while floating in space.

Check out the documentary below: [SoundWorks Collection]