You've probably heard of the saying "there's an app for that". The saying is now weirdly true for a kidney service. OrganJet's new web service provides a service where you can secure an affordable and fast transplant option all from your computer.

OrganJet Corporation announced their online tool to find kidney transplant centers in a press release today. In the statement, OrganJet CEO Sridhar Tayur noted that the service is meant to bridge the gap between areas with an excess of usable kidneys and those in dire need of them.

According to the company there are 500 to 2,500 kidneys wasted per year and more than 5,000 patients die annually waiting for one.

"There is significant disparity in wait times... ranging from more than five years in such areas as New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington D.C. and California, while it is half that in such regions as Pittsburgh, Portland, Ore. and Madison, Wis.," said Tayur.

OrganJet's new online app can be found on the "Services" tab of the company's official website. The app allows users to find transplant centers with low wait times and prompts a list of transplant centers by location, wait list and children's centers.

If only OrganJet's operations span a global coverage, now that would be great. Finally. An app that can actually save lives.