Does the idea of not having access to the internet make you break out in a cold sweat? Do you suffer from "phantom notifications" which make you reach for your phone when there's nothing there? Could you survive more than 24 hours not replying emails?

If you answered "Hell no!" to any of the above, then it might be seriously time consider going offline for awhile. Internet addiction is a serious thing, which is why there have been programs set up around the world to help individuals feel okay with being disconnected.


The most recent tech-free event was the "Camp Grounded" festival, which was arranged by an Oakland-based organization called Digital Detox.


Festival attendees had to switch off their phones once they approached the roped-off area before indulging in some device-free fun such as playing with manual typewriters, kicking off their shoes, stepping into a yurt to sip some tea, contributing messages to a communal chalkboard and bulletin board. Scroll below for a few more pics showing just what life is like in a simpler, unplugged world.