The scientists at CERN have been connecting their computers to colleagues' around the world to crowdsource some processing power. The Worldwide Grid turns a regular old desktop into a supercomputer. Now they will do the same with smartphones and tablets.

CERN scientists are in the final stages of a major upgrade to the Worldwide Grid. This is to enable mobile devices running Android to join the ultra powerful network.

At current, it is already made up of 200,000 computers from around the globe and has enough power to analyze 26 million gigabytes of data that CERN's Large Hadron Collider produces annually.

"The Grid that we have implemented for physics is a mechanism to allow scientists to share data and collaborate," CERN's Ian Bird told The Telegraph. "It brings together disparate resources from around the world so that they are working as if they are single system."

It's like Voltron. Smaller robots coming together to form one bad ass Kaiju ass kicking machine.