The reason for Home Science is the formation of surroundings and to enable the learner to live a better-off and more persistent life, become future-ready, and build up 21st-century life skills for not just work, but also for livelihood as well as careers. 

All the divisions covered under the home science discipline offer plenty of scope for proficient avenues of advanced education and professional opportunities. They vary from professions giving in to various health care and service institutions or agencies, organizations that provide education, manufacturing and industry houses of textiles, clothing, food business, training, learning resources, ergonomically suitable equipment, and work environments. The subject brings together the relevance of various sciences as well as humanities for the betterment of the Human Environment, Management of Resources, Family Nutrition, and Child Development.

CBSE Class 12th Humanities or Arts have now come up with a new subject that is considered to be relatively easier than the other subjects- Home Science. A comparatively fresh subject, Home Science is an early art, having been initiated since humans began residing in Homes. Students opting for Home science in class 12 must focus on the areas of  “Work and careers” of their course outline.  So, however, the students view the subject of home science, they must study it properly to ensure that they score well. 

Moving forward, here is a list of tips that class 12 students appearing for the home science paper must keep in mind before they start their preparation-

Preparation of proper notes for each separate section

There is a huge need for students to prepare their notes for each of the four sections that the course is divided into namely Apparel, Finances, Nutrition, Children, and finances. These notes play a key role when it comes to revision. Students must be dependent on these notes for their final revision, before their examinations. Since they prepare these notes, they have faith that they can perform well in their exams. They can assist and guide a student on how to move forward and get a better understanding of the subject.

Use of charts as well as diagrams wherever necessary

The use of charts and diagrams is visually appealing and helps the student to grasp the topic and remember the same very easily. Some chapters like nutrition can be very easily understood by using charts. Therefore, every class 12 student must appear for the home science paper and make use of charts and diagrams in the preparation of their notes.

Use applications for real-life instances

One of the best ways for the preparation of the Home Science paper is by picking up the topics and understanding its application in the field of Home Science. Whenever a student links a subject with instances present in real life, their way of thinking changes. They not only understand the subject better but from now on they can easily make use of their theoretical knowledge in their practical lives. One of the major reasons for this is that the Home Science paper is a subject that is used for these applications. 

Highlighting and marking keywords

Whenever the student is doing a thorough reading of the chapters of the Home Science Textbook, they must remember to highlight the keywords. The marking of these keywords is very essential as they help the student remember the main topics, and in turn not forget them during the examinations. In many cases, if the answer is incorrect, however, the appropriate keywords are mentioned, the student is offered a few marks.

Use relevant study material

The relevant study material available for the Home Science Paper is the NCERT Home Science textbook for class 12 which is available in physical format. However, students can also make use of the online textbook in the form of the NCERT Book Class 12 Home Science PDF. For the concepts to be clear and for enabling the students to answer every question, they must do a proper thorough reading of the entire textbook.

Physical interaction and discussions for a better understanding of each section

For a better understanding of each section, students must first study the theory section, and once that is completed, have a physical interaction in a discussion manner among your classmates. This helps one revise the entire chapters in a fun-filled manner and enables them to recall if they have missed out on any topic. 

Making use of bullet points or the point-wise method

During revising the subject, students need to write their answers in the form of bullet points or point-wise. This small effort can work wonders for the students as it will enable them to check their understanding of a given topic, leading to strong clear concepts. Moreover, summarizing the chapters in bullet points enables students to easily recall answers while appearing for their examinations. 

For the final revision, practice sample as well as previous years’ papers

Always remember that sample and previous year papers instill in the student's mind the situation of a real-life exam. Hence, students need to sit for these papers within the time allotted and solve them. Do not forget to check the answers after completing the papers, and find the mistakes and focus on the areas which call for more attention.


One of the few subjects that help a student in their day-to-day life is Home Science. With the coming times, people are becoming more and more independent. In such cases, the knowledge of Home Science plays a very important role. 

The above-listed points state that students must prepare their notes for all the four sections, use proper diagrams as well as charts, use applications from real life, highlight the keywords, study from the relevant material, group discussions in class boundaries, make use of the pointwise method and solving the sample as well as the previous year's papers can play a vital role in ensuring that every class 12 student who appears for the Home Science paper scores good in their examinations.