Today there are so many mobile phones to choose from, and it can cause some discussion when choosing your favourite. The five phones listed below are some of those that could make your top five list, and if not, they are well worth checking out.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is far superior to its predecessors with a curvier screen and excellent power, a great camera and a Touchwiz overlay being far more usable than before. There have also been battery life improvements.  It is more expensive than before but many believe it is worth that extra outlay.


•    OS: Android 6
•    Screen Size: 5.5inch
•    Resolution: 1440 x 2560
•    RAM: 4GB
•    Storage: 32GB
•    Battery: 3600mAh
•    Rear Camera: 12MP
•    Front Camera 5MP

The Nexus 5X has a decent spec list although it is a little smaller. You can expect a good screen resolution which is very clear, with a price that is not as high as other phones in the same spec bracket. The camera has been improved and the updates of the latest version of Android will be updated for quite a while yet.


•    OS: Android 6
•    Screen Size: 5.2inch
•    Resolution: 1080 x1920
•    RAM: 2GB
•    Storage: 16GB/32GB
•    Battery: 2700mAh
•    Rear Camera: 12.3MP dual
•    Front Camera: 5MP

The Microsoft Lumia 950

Bored of the iPhone? Not fond of Android? Maybe you just want to try something a little different?  Well Windows Phone 10 on the Lumia 950 will certainly offer you something different as it offers an experience rather like a PC by extending out to a bigger monitor with a rather good camera too.  One issue that goes against this device is the lack of apps.  Apps are incredibly important to smart phone users they are the thing that let us individualize our devices as we download those things that apply to our lives like budgeting our finances or playing at SkyVegas, or even fighting off an alien invasion during lunch breaks, whatever is your thing it’s the apps that make it happen.  If you combine this lack of apps with a rather plastic look to the phone does not place the Lumia 950 right up there with the top phones but it’s still a good choice and also its easily one of the most impressive of Windows Phones produced to date.


•    OS: Windows Phone 10
•    Screen Size: 5.2inch
•    Resolution 1440 x 2460
•    RAM: 3GB
•    Storage: 32GB
•    Battery: 3000mAh
•    Rear Camera 20MP
•    Front Camera: 5MP

The BlackBerry Priv has taken a new direction by finally getting it together with Android. Looks-wise it now has a slide-out keyboard, a really sharp screen with great internal workings and privacy settings.  A down side to this device is its price, the keyboard just feels a little ‘old’ and if you put this together with a some lag in the performance and the bigger design to hold the keyboard it could put some people off, but again BlackBerry lovers will be happy to see it back.


•    OS: Android
•    Screen Size: 5.4inch
•    Resolution: 1440 x 2560
•    RAM: 3GB
•    Storage: 32GB
•    Battery: 3410mAh
•    Rear Camera: 18MP
•    Front Camera: 2MP

The iPhone 6 is perfect for those that are fans of the smaller screen holding all the iOS 9.1 software pretty well and a good option for those who want a cheaper iPhone.  This little beauty can also be used with the Apple Watch, contains Apple Pay so you can pay for things on the go and hosts a greatly improved camera and battery.


•    OS: iOS 9.1
•    Screen Size: 4.7inch
•    Resolution: 750 x 1334
•    RAM: 1GB
•    Storage: 16GB/64GB/128GB
•    Battery:1810mAh
•    Rear Camera: 8MP
•    Front Camera 1.2MP