All developers at one point in time come across this question: Why is software testing necessary? The simplest answer is because we all make mistakes. Some mistakes that we make while developing a software can be neglected, but some of them can cost you a lot. We need to check each and everything once it is produced. 

Here are some examples of history where software bugs have caused monetary and human losses:

● A software bug resulted into a failure of $1.2 billion military satellite launch in 1999, which is one of the costliest accidents in history. 
● In 1994, a Chinese airline crashed due to a software bug killing over 200 innocent lives. 
● A software bug caused over 800 U.S banks accounts to be credited with over 900 U.S million dollars in 1996. 

There is always a chance that user will cause a mistake. Software testing is necessary to verify that it is functioning according to the determined objectives. Furthermore, something that might work with one person may not work with hundreds of people using it. You want to make sure that software is always running regardless of the quantity of people using it. 

Nevertheless, the most crucial reason why software testing can be vitally important is that it is the responsibility of developers to ensure a successful user-experience. Sometimes a small bug can cause your image to ruin. In any case if the bugs remain hidden, it can have a negative impact on many people. 

Professional testing

It is always recommendable to go for professional testing. Developers are usually not good at testing for the four simple reasons listed below:

● Developers work on the basis of positive scenarios. Most of their efforts are based on enabling the work. You need to switch your mentality to a more critical mindset which is very difficult for developers to achieve in short time.
● Testers are good at figuring out complex scenarios while developers tend to make them simpler. 
● Developers are not generally good at catching small things in big pictures. 
● They do not have much experience with common bugs. An experienced tester may excel at this aspect. 

The reasons above are compelling enough to hire a professional tester since they are well-equipped physically and mentally to do so. Developers cannot simply test in the same way testers do. 

Testers have a broader perspective about the products which allows them to analyze in a better manner. This why it is recommended to outsource professional testing companies for this. Visiting be a good solution if you want your software to be tested. 


The IT industry for sure accepts the fact that software testing is instrumental to its success. It also recognizes that developers are not good at testing compared to professional testers who have a more critical approach. 

There are number of professional testing services available in the market that IT solution providers head towards. Such services can be leveraged to get the software tested in an excellent manner.