With the whole world shifting to the internet, you'll find anything and everything on the web. Most of the time, a basic search yields a lot of pings and hits to provide you with an entrée of sites to select from. In such a situation how does one select a site? What makes a website more favourable to another?

Well, in most cases, it is about the website’s design. What I mean is not the design that you see once you open the site (although that too drives people), but in reality how functional the site is over devices. Most people shift between laptops and desktops to Tablets or Smart Phones between jobs. And websites that do not support different browsers and devices loses its credibility and reliability over this issue. But worry not, as LamdaTest is here for you.   

What is LambdaTest?

LambdaTest is basically a website which uses cloud-based computing to give you an overall report on a website's functionality over a varied range of devices. It provides a huge range of tests over 2,000 different web browsers, Operating Systems, and devices. 

LambdaTest is the go-to platform for testing of a site. The report includes a detailed list of how a specific site works on different devices and web browsers, enabling web developers to improve the website they build at the ease of their fingertip.

Who benefits from using LambdaTest?

Anyone who needs to test a Web site's functionality can benefit from LambdaTest. It incorporates all your testing needs in a sleek cloud computing suite and is very user-friendly. It is the best tool for Web Developers, companies and firms with their own site, web design companies, software testing firms, and all of the lot. Even individuals can make use of this tool to differentiate between websites when undertaking a huge project that may force them into going about sites and referencing on multiple devices and digital platforms.

How to go about the using LambdaTest?

The very first thing to use LambdaTest is to have a registered account with the website. It is fairly easy and simple to create a new account. Just sign up with your existing e-mail address and set a password. The sign-up is free but the services included are few. But you can still access the tool and pay accordingly to the services you plan to use.

You also have the option to select plans according to your requirement. The lowest of the plans is the Lite Plan. It is free of cost and lets you in on most of the essential services provided by LambdaTest. But one can only perform 10 screenshots testing a month using this plan. 

Other plans include the Solo plan which costs around $15 a month if paid at one go for the year. Other popular plans include the Pro Plan which costs $25 a month when billed annually. Apart from these long-term plans, there is also a plan costing $10 that lets you use the site and all of its features to your advantage for 10 days. With such a vide and efficient range of cost plans, anyone can make use of LambdaTest for any job where they require some form of Website Testing.

What does it provide you?

LambdaTest provides you with a one-stop solution to all your testing needs. It has all the features that you may need to test a website, its functionality and work over a varied range of devices. The key features of LambdaTest include:

The Dashboard is the most happening place for you if you use LambdaTest. This is the first window that appears on your screen when you log into LambdaTest. It provides you with all your work history, detailed analysis of the sites already tested, error analysis, etc. all in a single window. One can also sort their test reports as per their needs on a weekly or monthly basis.


Real-Time Test Window
This is the place where all your work is done and all your needs find a solace. The Real-Time Test Window is where you perform all the various tests that you want to perform on a particular site. Just copy the URL of that website onto the URL box in the Real-Time Test Window and start testing. It provides you with a detailed analysis of all the web browsers, operating systems and the different resolutions that your website works on. You can opt for a detailed analysis of the required OS and Web Browser where you want to test your site’s workability by selecting the options provided.


Once done, click on the start button to get a detailed analysis and a screenshot of the site on that particular platform. The process is comparatively fast and takes about 5-10 seconds to perform the test.

Visual UI Testing Window

This is the optical testing window that lets you see in real time the working of the Website. The range of devices over which it can be tested is huge, all thanks to LambdaTest. All you need to do is provide the URL of the site in question and select the browser, device and browser version and you are ready to go and get a real-time response from your Website.


Due to the good heart of LambdaTest, this testing is available over a wide range of devices like Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Androids and even iPhone. And the list of brands that are supported includes Samsung, Apple, Motorola, One Plus and a lot more. Hence efficient use of this feature will give you effective results.

Test Log
The Test Log window provides you with the progress details and history of the Tests performed on LambdaTest. This gives you a detailed analysis of your usage of this tool and is well suited for the benefit of the user.


Integration Facilities
LambdaTEst is such a versatile tool that you can also incorporate other tools into it. The Integration Facilities that LambdaTest provides help you to add your favorite bug tracking tools onto your testing in LambdaTest. You can add other tools like GitHub, GitLab, Asana, Jira, etc. just by one click to your testing on LambdaTest.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that LambdaTest is one of the best and most useful tool out there on the market for testing Websites.  It is designed well, affordable and very easy to use. With minimal issues, you would actually love using this site and prefer it over any other Testing tool.