An app called LIVR began making the newsworthy rounds yesterday, and it was an incredible idea: A social network you can only access when you're drunk. It will use a breathalyzer accessory attached to your phone. The only problem? LIVR is a hoax.

LIVR was convincing in its press release. It acts as a biometric bouncer and before gaining access users must first blow into a plug-in breathalyzer and demonstrate a minimum BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). Users on the network must achieve a minimal level of intoxication to log it at a given time so that all users are in a similar state of mind. As a user metabolizes their alcohol, they must drink more and re-check in.

With features like Drunk Dial™ (the trademark was a nice touch), it randomly connects two inebriated people. It also has Truth or Dare, which connects users to crowd sourced activities daring them to accomplish a task.

There's also a video, and it looks professionally produced: Here are LIVR creators Kyle Addison and Avery Platz: