Building a website is not a complex task. You just need to follow the right procedure for creating a website. A website should be created on a strong base and contain all the essential features . Apart from the Content and keywords, there are many different aspects you should consider while creating a website.

There are various website maker that can help you easily build your website. Before you choose a platform, make sure that the website maker provides all the necessary features.

In this article, we will discuss the important features of a website building platform. 

8 things to consider before choosing a website building platform

1. Userfriendly

A website builder should keep in mind the pace of even an average person and keep the interface of the website easy and straightforward so that a person can easily create the website by following the stated steps without wasting any time. 

2. Quality of themes and templates of website design 

The template designs are very important as they provide you the basic design element. They should be clean, of good quality, mobile-friendly, modern and customizable. You must preview the templates. 

A friendly reminder email could also be sent to the website maker if you face any problem regarding building the website. 

3. Web-page layout(Pre-formatted)

There must always be an option for pre-populated pages or pre-designs for you to add more pages to your website. The pre-populated page layouts consist of placings for the text, images, and other elements.  

4. Form builder

Your website maker must enable you to create easily and seamlessly the contact forms and registration forms that most of the visitor checks upon. Also, there should be a separate section for comments and feedback for the customers.

You must choose a platform if it offers you the necessary customizable options. 

5. Social-sharing Function

Apart from making the website presence of your business, you must also build up social media pages for your business. A website builder must include the social sharing buttons. For example, you should add Instagram, Facebook, or other social media logos on your website that could directly take the custom audience to the social media page.

6. Custom-domain name

It can be a very good idea to create a website using a website builder, as it provides you a temporary subdomain like While publishing your website, you are then given a chance to choose a custom domain. 

It can help you rank in the search engine and also increase the website’s credibility. 

7. Blogging tool 

The website maker should provide you with all the features and basic tools for the blog such as setting blog categories, adding posts, implementing social sharing, managing comments, etc. 

The pace of the blogging capabilities should be lesser than the WordPress capabilities.

8. Image editing and gallery 

There must be customization options along with good image gallery layouts and displays. You should also have the option to edit the images or resize them according to your own need. 

Choose a website builder that also allows you to add a photo gallery or an image strip easily. 

If you want to build a website for your business ,then you must follow the above-mentioned steps.