So many people are now switching from shared hosting plans to other hosting services. Of course, shared hosting remains the cheapest option and it will serve you well when you're new and still learning the ropes and setting up your business. But once you notice a spike in your traffic you need to take the decision and switch to VPS or cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is impressive and offers many benefits but it costs more. The same holds true for dedicated servers. VPS hosting holds the middle ground with a range of good features at a reasonable price. VPS is similar to a shared host, but you have your own dedicated space and resources. It means you won't have to worry a great deal about others on the server consuming all the shared resources when you need your share the most.

This virtualization depends on Hypervisor, the main software used to divide the master hardware into much smaller units. These smaller units run their own operating system and have their own dedicated resources too. It means you can worry less about how other servers on the same network are being used. Whatever happens you will be able to achieve fast loading times with unrestricted root access and reasonable privacy, which is something missing on shared hosting plans.

Going for a private server is certainly the best thing to do if you can deal with the expense. However, you can experience similar benefits for less by opting for a VPS. Your speed won't be compromised even in situations where you are getting more clicks and higher traffic levels. There won't be issues related to downtime and 503-server errors which can affect your business negatively. VPS will prevent these issues.

Opting for a KVM Server
If the middle ground suits you and you're looking for VPS but more than what is on offer, try a KVM VPS.  KVM stands for ‘Kernel-based Virtual Machine’ and works amazingly well because the Linux Kernel is at its very core. By running kernel on the root node, it becomes possible to use other operating systems with equal ease.

KVM will need specific hardware to manage virtualization extensions, but this has become easier. Most AMD processors and non-Atom Intel processors can manage these extensions well. The best thing about KVM VPS is that it offers complete autonomy, so you can determine your requirements and set the values for your resources accordingly. Also, the hypervisor will work here to distribute shared resources, such as CPU time, disk space, and network IO fairly. These are just some of the many benefits that you get when you pick this product at JavaPipe.

Although firmly in the center VPS offers startups and growing businesses the best of both worlds at affordable prices. Being split to run over several servers, it offers reliability along with flexibility. VPS hosting also gives you straightforward root access to your server so you stay in control. Dedicated resources means your website is always running smooth no matter what the demand elsewhere. Just as with hosting on a dedicated server, your site will be in an isolated environment with all the benefits for great performance but at a fraction of the price.