Increasingly smart devices are incorporated into everyday life as homes become more and more automated.  Here we look at five ways that home automation can make your life easier.  Smart devices support you inrunning your home using voice commands, through programmed timetables or even remotely via an app on your smart phone.

Using home automation devices will become more and more common and will make our life easier and easier.  It is ever increasing, and it will be a very short step until part of the criteria that we look for in purchasing a house will be how equipped it is to enable management via the automated systems that we are employing to take the stress away from our day to day living.  


01. Saving time
All home automation systems mean that you do not need a ‘hands on’ approach to managing your home.  From vacuuming to ensuring that the oven is switched on so that a meal is prepared when you walk in, you can arrange for the home to be running quietly and looking after itself whilst you are busy doing other things.

Taking chores like daily vacuuming from your to-do list frees up all of that time either for leisure, or to focus on other priorities in your life. 

Smart devices can be programmed to work in your absence, or be responsive to remote instructions, you really can switch the sauna on as you leave the office so that it is up to temperature before you get home.

02. Money saving
Home automation allows you to use all of your devices in the home more efficiently – and prevents unneeded useage.  No need to heat a house with no one at home, or cool it, and you can switch the temperature control on only when it is necessary.

The same for lighting and other power-draining devices will only be in use when necessary – you can even set it to let you know if someone has left the fridge door open.

03. Peace of mind
No matter your concerns, there will be a smart device or aspect of technology that can ease your fears.  Kids coming home before you?  Add a locator to the back pack, you will know where they are, and when they arrive.

Concerned that an elderly relative is vulnerable alone?  Indoor cameras can be monitored on your telephone, and an alarm on the door can let you know if anyone is coming and going.

Pet being left alone?  Indoor cameras will let you know exactly what they are up to whilst ou are out.

04. Household Ambiance
Your home hub can make your entire home a walk-through experience.  The same music in every room as you move about?  Mood lighting that you can turn up or down by voice command.  Want to listen to the radio instead?  Change the channel on the television?  All ofthese things can be controlled by voice command without having to move around your home at all.

05. Security
There are any numbers of devices and gadgets that you can use from smart doorbells incorporating built in videos to cameras monitoring throughout your property.  The day has arrived where you can answer your doorbell, chat to the visitor, and let them in, all whilst doing your shopping.

For any security concerns or issues there will be a smart device on the market that can give you peace of mind.  Not only can your home hub manage your in house security, you can also manage them through your smart phone remotely.  

There was a time when the most expensive houses on the worldwide market featured aspects of home automation, these days technology has moved along so much that the home automation devices we look at here are affordable, available for every home.

Home automation really can make your life easier – these fives ways home automation can make your life easier are just a broad brush look at the changes that you can incorporate into your every day life to give you peace of mind, free up time, and save you money.  The market is huge, and changing all of the time – it is worth seeing how this can benefit you and your lifestyle incorporating home automation and making your life easier.