Owning a home with a garage is great for the budding car lover, providing an environment to tinker with your vehicle, undertake various other DIY tasks and in some cases, even relax. Yet many of us end up filling half of our garages with junk, allowing them to get dirty and cramped. That’s why it’s important to look after your garage and create a space which will make you want to step into your garage and be productive at whatever task you’re doing. 


1. Have the Right Equipment

Two things can waste time when working in your garage. Spending ages trying to find the tools you need and then using the wrong tools for the job. Ensure you have the correct tools for making any work as easy as possible, such as engine cranes and hoists from SGS for heavy lifting, the appropriate drill bits for DIY tasks and more. Then, store them in the same places so you can keep track of them when required. 

2. Maximise Space

If you struggle to get around your car when it’s in the garage then it’s going to prove frustrating to do any work. There are various ways to improve space in your garage. Make the most of the walls and ceiling by setting up shelves for tools, hang ladders from the ceiling or even create support carriages to hold plastic boxes securely in place.   

3. Keep it Clean

A clean and clear environment instantly will make you feel more productive. Aside from improving the storage of tools, it is important to keep your garage clean, by sweeping up after any work, cleaning any spillages and redecorating if needed. This should avoid any unwanted pests such as rats, spiders etc. from making their home in your workplace. 

4. Add Entertainment Options

Music has been shown to improve productivity when doing repetitive tasks, which can include many jobs you’ll do in your garage. Add a radio, some decent speakers if there’s space, maybe even a TV to keep yourself entertained when at work. It will make any task fly by and be far more enjoyable.  

5. Control the Temperature

In summer it can get far too hot to work, while in winter the cold can put you off entering the garage. Air-con will help in summer, while during winter bringing a portable heater or two in can solve the problem, unless the air-con has a heated option, which solves both issues. 

These tips should improve your productivity when going to work on your car or any other DIY project in your garage.