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A tidy bathroom can be a hygienic one by all means. Making small changes in the way you use your bathroom and sink can determine how clean they are. Moreover, doing the right things would also mean they will stay cleaner for longer. Taking care of your bathroom sink and faucets from time to time could help you maintain it cleaner for longer durations. 

We look at some things you can do to keep your bathroom sink hygienic and clean. They include using cleaners regularly, organizing the items, washing away the soap residue, and many more. These tips can help you maintain a cleaner bathroom for the entire family. It is best to acquire TCK faucets and sinks if you are looking for easy to clean models. 

What Keeps Your Bathroom Sink Clean And Hygienic? 

We can list out hundreds of things that you can do to keep your bathroom sink clean and hygienic. However, we have chosen only the top methods that are useful, easy, and effective at the same time. Following these would let you see an immediate impact.

1. Lasting Cleaning Liquids

One of the crucial things you should consider is investing in long-lasting cleaning liquids. Unfortunately, these days, people begin to choose their cleaning liquids based on cheap prices and eye-catching advertisements. It is the wrong way to go about selection.

Irrespective of what the manufacturer says, look for testimonials from users of these brands. They can provide you with information that is relevant and real. It would help you identify which products last longer in the sink and which do not.

Investing in a cleaning liquid of higher quality can be a good start. Yes, it would be a relatively more expensive product than the ones you are currently using. Your current liquids, on the other hand, may only be effective for a few hours.

The high-quality and long-lasting liquids can keep your sinks clean and hygienic for up to 7 days. It means that you would have to clean your bathroom sink every weekend using these high-quality liquids to keep it clean and hygienic.

2. Remove the Soap Dish

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Almost invariably, all homes have a soap dish that accommodates a soap bar in the sink. While this can be a cheaper option, it is not essentially a hygienic one. Ditching the soap bar and the dish that accommodates it would help create a cleaner sink.

Replacing them with a soap dispenser or a bottle with a pump for liquid soap can be a good option. It would help keep the soap from dripping onto the sink with all the grime in it. Automatic soap dispensers can also be an option if you have enough budget for them.

3. Purchase Wipes for Sink Cleaning

It may not have been an idea many people might have considered. However, it is an effective one that you should try. Purchase good-quality wipes that you can keep under or close to the sink. They can be used to wipe away minor stains, like one from toothpaste.

Spilling the shaving gel can also cause stains, and upon drying, it may make the sink look unclean. A handy wipe can be used to clean it instantly. It would help avoid an unnecessary mess after it dries up, causing stains.

Stains from face creams, moisturizers, and other elements that you may use can also spill. Not wiping it clean may lead to it being flushed down the drain. If it goes down the drain, it can stick to the walls of the pipes and cause clogging, which would require high expenses.

4. Organizing Counters

These days, almost all bathrooms have counters, cabinets, or even shelves. Keeping them organized would help you accumulate unwanted waste in them. Once shampoo or liquid soap containers are empty, you can remove them or refill them.

Keeping it in the counters would only cause disruptions and chaos. Cleaning them regularly for spillage or wetness caused by spillage is crucial. It can cause mold to grow and further increase hygienic issues with people using the sink.

A clutter-free bathroom sink would always look organized, clean, and healthy for anyone in the family. You can also use the wipes if you notice any spillage that may cause a stain in the future. Organized cabinets would make everything look cleaner and tidier.

5. Maintain a Garbage Can

Keeping a dustbin under the sink is considered a good option. Almost all the garbage put into the bin can be cleaned regularly. Without a dustbin, you are likely to either flush down the wipes in the toilet drain or keep them aside in the bathroom sink.

Both of these are not ideal and unhygienic as well. Removing used bottles of plastic containers can also be done by putting them in the dustbin. Ensure that you empty the dustbin at least once a week to avoid an accumulation of garbage in the bathroom. 

6. Brushing and Shaving with Care 

Stains while brushing are often caused when a person stands upright while brushing their teeth. Facing the mirror while brushing is something everyone does. However, you would end up causing tiny particles or bubbles to fly around the bathroom.

Since you are close to the sink, most of it will settle down in the bathroom sink. The problem is, not many would notice these bubbles falling onto the sink or the floor, for that matter. Keeping your face down and facing the mirror is an ideal way to avoid this.

Bubbles would not fly around, and you could keep them restricted to the center of the sink. It gets flushed automatically when you goggle your mouth after brushing. Using a wipe after brushing would be better as it would remove any unseen bubbles.

Shaving is also another thing that allows bubbles to fly, especially when using a foam or gel to shave. Use a vessel with water that you can dip your razor into. It would mean small hair particles from your beard would not get into the sink's drain.

Hair, along with shaving foam and gel, can stick to the walls with ease. The accumulation of these would make them more difficult to remove and would clog the sink. So, keeping your shaving items restricted to the vessel would minimize the chances of hair accumulation.


We have given tips to help you understand how to clean bathroom sink in a simple and tidy manner. Following these steps can be difficult. However, they would ensure the cleanliness of your bathroom sink and faucet. It would also ensure that your sink does not get clogged as often as it used to before. 

Always ensure you follow a routine in your bathroom and while using your sink. It would ensure that you keep your bathroom sink clean. Adding a floor mat below the sink and on the floor is also a good idea. It would prevent spilled water from being absorbed without messing up the floor of the bathroom.