The Yin Yang Bathtub is perfect for people who want to share their bathtubs without really sharing it. Sharing a tub space with another person can get a little crampy, but this one makes sure you get both comfort and relaxation in one tub by splitting it so you have your own pod within the same tub.

But you'll probably have to make do with your single tub for two, because for starts, the tub is super expensive: $55,000 (about RM177,000). And it might seem like a better fit for couples who don't intend to flirt beneath the waters because the tub keeps you away from your partner.

The tub promotes the idea of “being together, yet minding your own business”. “Each bather has her/his own bathing water. Temperature, bathing additives and the colour of the light can be chosen individually. Also in terms of hygiene, the separation of the bathing water is an optimal solution. If a single person books a bath, only half of the water quantity is needed.”

It is also shaped similarly to the Chinese symbol Yin and Yang, which expresses the constant change of the opposites.