Having a small bathroom does not mean that you cannot create something really attractive. It is possible to carry out a renovation in a smaller bathroom, but it may mean that you need to be a little more creative. Some ideas for renovating a small bedroom are discussed in more detail below.


Make The Most Of Storage Space

Having a small bathroom does not necessarily mean that you have to put up with a small amount of storage space. There are many integrated storage solutions that you can take advantage of that will give you all the storage that you want. Popular choices in modern bathrooms include floor to ceiling shelving units in the corner of the room, or a storage cupboard in the space below the sink. Talk to your designer about what you want from the storage in your bathroom and they should have a number of suggestions for you.

Consider A Frameless Shower

Frameless showers are a great choice for small bathrooms because they make the whole room look so much bigger. The fact that you can see right to the back of the shower with no frames in the way when you enter the room will instantly make the room look longer. There will also be no tub or tray at the bottom of the shower which will take up vital space. They will also give your bathroom a very modern look and are becoming a staple feature of high end bathrooms.

Treat Yourself To More Expensive Items

One of the advantages of a smaller bathroom is that you do not have to put a lot of stuff in it. This means that you can treat yourself to higher end products without going over your budget. This can mean that you will be able to have features in your bathroom that you perhaps wouldn't if you were renovating a larger room. There are a great range available at Above All Bathrooms and they can help you choose the products that you want when they work on the design of your bathroom with you.

Use Your Accessories To Add Color

Your bathroom is going to look bigger if the walls are white because this makes the room look a lot lighter which gives the illusion of space. However, you are probably going to want to inject a bit of color to the room or it can end up looking a bit clinical. You can add some color to the room by choosing things like towels, glasses or even a shower curtain in a vibrant color as this will help to break up the white without making the room appear any smaller.

Choose A Smaller Vanity

You may think that you will not be able to have a vanity in a small bathroom because of the lack of space, but this is not the case. You may have to compromise slightly on the size of the vanity but it is more than possible to find one that perfectly suits your needs. If you do not want to buy a new vanity then you may be able to buy a second hand one and paint it to match the color scheme of the bathroom.