If your St Louis home has a crawl space beneath it, you may be tempted to simply take no notice of this area of your home. This is something that many homeowners do, but it can turn out to be a costly mistake. Your crawl space can become a real liability if damage occurs and is left unaddressed. This is because it could cause a lot of damage to your home in a variety of ways.


Any damage to the crawl space can have a profound impact on your entire home. This is why it is vital to have crawl space repairs carried out as soon as possible rather than letting them linger. By doing this, you can avoid a host of problems around your home, and this can eventually save you a lot of stress, hassle, and money. In this article, we will look at some of the ways in which a neglected crawl space can cause damage to your home.

What Is the Impact?
So, what is the impact of a damaged crawl space on your main home? Well, there are lots of potentially serious issues that can occur, some of which are:

It Can Lead to Mold and Dampness
One of the things you may have to cope with is the spread of mold and dampness through your home because of the problems in your crawl space. When you have mold and damp, it can cause a lot of damage to the wall structure and the property as a whole as well as to items such as furnishings. In addition, it can create a cold environment that is difficult to heat and could cost a lot of money in energy bills. More importantly, it can cause ill health among those who live in your property.

You Could Be Invaded by Pests
Your home could also become invaded by pests as a result of your crawl space damage and its poor condition. Pests love to breed in dark, damp, and neglected areas, so your crawl space could provide the perfect place. They can then easily take over your home, and this can lead to increased expense to try and get rid of them. It can also lead to a lot of damage caused by pests as well as a drop in hygiene levels. You need to remember that pests can also carry serious diseases, and this could impact your health and that of your loved ones.

Your Supports May Be Damaged
If your crawl space is neglected, there may be pools of stagnant water that have collected in the space. This can eventually start eating away at the wooden supports of your home and rot them away. So, it could essentially pose a risk to the stability of your entire home, which can pose serious hazards and could cost a fortune to put right.
These are some of the many ways in which crawl space issues could affect your whole property.