When decorating your home, you must pay plenty of attention to your bathroom. A bathroom is the heart of the home. Creating a bathroom in which you can unwind and relax is essential. Many people lacklustre when they design their bathroom interior. It is easy to fall into the trap of creating a bland, clean and crisp bathroom. There is nothing wrong with a minimal bathroom style, but there is nothing right with it either. Instead, why not take inspiration from a forgotten era? 1950's and 1960's style décor suits bathrooms well as the style is luxurious, yet affordable. Here is how you can create a stunning vintage style bathroom in your home.

Wallpaper and Tiling

Which wallpaper you opt for is integral to the end design of your bathroom. Floral and heavy patterns look good with the style. Remember that you're going to have pictures hanging in the bathroom as well. You should not choose anything too overpowering. You can use tiling to create feature pieces around the sink, toilet and bathtub, as doing so was popular in the 1950's. If wallpaper is not for you, then why not try wooden panelling? Paint the wood a deep, dark color for that vintage vibe.

Cabinets and Sinks

Invest a good amount of money in unique bathroom sinks & vanities when decorating your bathroom. The sink area is the focal point of the room and as such needs special attention. Large, square sinks look best when paired with silver taps. You don't have to stick to white. You can look at sinks in deep colors that match your décor. You could even consider painting the vanity to match the color scheme in your bathroom, as was popular a few decades ago.

Containers and Bottles

Having a vintage bathroom filled with modern bottles and brands won't work at all. Pour your shampoos and conditioners into tinted glass bottles. You can buy glass bottles from most good craft shops, and they are usually quite reasonable. Get bottles in a color that matches your bathroom to complete the look. You can display the bottles on top of your cabinet. The fact that the bottles are all the same colour and size means that the bathroom looks less cluttered in an instant. There is a little upkeep with this step in that you have to do it each time you buy a new product, but the look is worth it.

Free-standing Bathtubs

There is nothing more luxurious than a free-standing bathtub. Look out for units that have gold-looking legs, as these were the height of fashion back in the 1950's, and so will suit the room. A curved design with a thick lip at the top is vintage style and will look fantastic. Make sure that your plumbing will work with this style of unit before you invest in a bathtub. Sometimes you will need to pay a plumber to sort out the water system in your home, when you get a bath like this.

Pictures and Art

You have a few options when it comes to the style of pictures you choose to hang in your bathroom. Vintage wildlife portraits are always popular with this style of bathroom. My favourite style of picture, though, is a little more creative. Why not get old-fashioned advertisements and frame them? The 1950's and 1960's was the golden era of American advertising. You can find some unique pieces online that would make stunning decorative pieces for your home. If you buy the prints without frames, you will find that it is cheaper than buying framed art. You can always pick up a cheap frame from a department store and frame the pieces yourself.

Image credit: flickr