It’s that time of year when we're thinking about changing the decor at home. If you’ve already cleared the room and you’re wondering what look to go for this season then why not create your style from a theme? There are plenty to choose from. Check out some of these ideas, and how to create the perfect themed room:


Think American cabin by the lakes and you’ll instantly get an idea of a wooden structure. It is probably filled with quaint, rustic furnishings too. This style is becoming very popular, and not just in cabins. Wood is this season’s trendy material for furniture and living room accessories like ornaments. Woods are great because they can be stained, varnished or painted to create any color you like. Cabin decor offers you more scope for creativity because it doesn’t come from suites or sets. Instead, an eclectic collection of colors and textures come together to create the look.


This style could not be further from the rustic theme. Everything matches, and there is only the very bare minimum of furniture in the room. Storage is key to this look. Paneled storage cupboards give the illusion that nothing is there. Seating is non-decorative, and the color palette is reduced to just one or two tones. We love this look for it’s clean lines and simplicity, but living in the real world with a family it doesn’t stay pristine for long.

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A cottage style is derived from the English country cottage look. It’s quaint like the rustic style but tends to feature deeper, more cushioned seating choices. An open fire is a huge part of making the theme work. Ornaments and accessories for the room tend to come from pieces in porcelain and silver. They often have function and purpose too. Choose old kettles, jugs, and vases, rather than conforming to the usual objets d’art categories. You might also want to look for flowery patterns for wallpapers, curtains and cushions. See if you can find any that feature pink and red roses as they are very popular.


If you are a regular entertainer of guests, this theme could be ideal for you. This is a high-tech room with large screen TV on the wall, plenty of social sofas and seating, and even a bar in the back. You may have wired in a high-end sound system, and have the lights on a dimmer ready for movie night. The bar may be stocked with drinks and snacks, and the obligatory beer fridge. These rooms are great for bachelors and families alike and are great places to be sociable.

When you are creating a room based on a popular theme, it’s important to keep your design authentic to the style. The choice of paint color isn’t usually as important as the items you put in the room. Accessories or ornaments are vital to defining a theme. You want the right pieces of furniture in there too. Creating a theme in a room is great fun, especially if you have a passion for interior design. See what theme you can create in your home this season.