Perhaps the most overlooked room in a home, even a minor touch or change can transform a bathroom with a bored, uninspired look into a room that is luxurious and stylish, with minimal equipping and effort.

Our article below covers some of the five most important things you may do that will help entering your bathroom a rewarding and pleasant experience. Do not become overwhelmed; this is one experience you will no doubt enjoy doing, so relax.

● Color and paint trends

● Shower screens and shower stalls

● Bathroom fixtures and cabinet hardware

● "Mirror, mirror, on the wall..."

● Lighting upgrades

Color and Paint Trends

One of the most affordable ways to give your bathroom a new look and feel is by simply changing the color of the room. Whether it's a powder-room size or a spacious twin-vanity and twin-basin area, the color chosen will either make or break the impression you'd like to present.

A cool and relaxing atmosphere using light blues and light greens goes a long way for making this room more pleasant. Likewise, if a sunny yellow is too, well, yellow, then perhaps an ivory or cream color scheme is better suited. Discounted paints may reduce the expenses even further.

If there are kids in your home, then bright, vivid colors with some decals of favorite cartoon characters may be in order. A mountainous wilderness look is easily achieved with beige and brown colors and a few log cabins or bears in the background.

Shower Screens

Today, thanks in part to the dynamics and convenience of online retailers and specialty stores, there are many fine quality websites, such as Renovation Kingdom, that offer the best quality and most affordable products available anywhere. A shower screen is one such item. Much better than conventional vinyl curtains, they keep water in the bathing area and help ensure a hygienic mildew-free bathroom. Some shower screen models will require professional installation.

Bathroom Fixtures/Cabinet Hardware

For the most part, a screwdriver is the only tool you'll need to begin your bathroom's transformation. Coming in a variety of finishes and materials, faucet handles, wall-mounted or hand-held shower-heads, drop-in sinks, pedestal sinks or twin basins, all come in exciting looks such as antique brushed olive, chrome and brushed-chrome.

A new vanity, single or double in size with accompanying drawers is equally affordable. Some older bathrooms have even been transformed by a paint re-finishing job of worn-out vanities; however, today's vast inventories of inexpensive vanities may make this project a little impractical. That said, even an old, worn-out vanity, can be easily transformed into something of beauty by simply changing the attached hardware.

"Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall..."

No room is really complete without a beautiful mirror design - especially the bathroom. Set the mood by selecting a mirror with framing or without. If your bathroom theme is one of classic elegance, then Florentine design is more appropriate. If you go with a more modern theme, then a chrome finish would be better in some cases. However, designers today don't shy away from combining
various styles when adding an accent piece to the bathroom.

Functionality is another factor to consider besides just a visual appeal. Do you want to hang the mirror or have it embedded in the wall? Really, both take little space, and don't forget to consider a medicine cabinet if this is what you need.

Lighting Upgrades

And what bathroom re-do is complete without considering the lighting? This important upgrade doesn't have to be that difficult or expensive when using lighting around the bathroom mirror in the form of sconces.

There you have our five most important and least expensive ways to quickly and easily transform your bathroom into something you'll be proud in presenting to visitors and users. The best part of all, perhaps, is how small a dent it will leave in your wallet as well.

Image source: homesinspirations

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