Enhance Your Bedroom

When shopping around for a new bed, sometimes a traditional frame simply will not cut it. You want something a little more creative, unique, or maybe just something more practical and easier to transport. You need something different. It is with that in mind we compiled this list of some of the best bed frames we could find. These frames will meet a wide variety of needs, and will range from minimalist to truly innovative.

5. ITBed

We’ll start our list off with something for the sleeper on the move, and on a budget. The itbed is a frame made entirely from cardboard. While one may think that cardboard is not the most durable of materials, this particular frame has been designed using 4mm thick boards stretched out in an accordion style. This allows the frame to distribute the weight of both mattress and sleeper and continue to stand up over time. The ability of this frame to fold up easily makes it ideal for those frequently on the move or for guest beds.

While ultra-minimalism was the primary goal of their products,  there are small pockets that can be used to store books or other items while the system is deployed.

4. The BedBunker

Perhaps you need some place to hide your valuables. If you follow the advice of somebody who lived through the depression, you will likely hear the wisdom of hiding things under your mattress. Well, the Heracles Research Corporation took that sage advice to the next level by converting your bed-frame into a complete safe.

A quick look at the website shows that, while the safe can certainly protect your valuables, the primary purpose of this device is to store firepower. The BedBunker was created with your arsenal in mind. This means that should the world end while you sleep, your complete assortment of firearms is just a mattress-flip away when you wake up.

3. Rope Hanging Beds

Perhaps you aren’t content with a bed that simply sits on the ground? Maybe what you want is the sensation of swaying the breeze, but cannot stand the idea of sleeping in a hammock. There are many frames out there that hang on ropes suspended from your ceiling. If you are looking for a new project to get into, it is also possible to build a rope hanging bed yourself. Regardless of what option you take, make sure you consult with a professional first. If your bedroom ceiling cannot support your weight plus the weight of a mattress, this could be one DIY project that leads to an awkward meeting with your upstairs neighbors.

2. Magnetic Floating Bed

You will not find this one available for purchase just yet, but this article would be incomplete if we didn’t mention this particular bed frame. Straight out of science fiction, this bed uses powerful magnetics to float in mid-air. Held in place horizontally by cables, the only thing this slab is missing is a mattress and a few sheets to create a sleeping experience that is truly out of this world.

1. Hi-Can

Last, but certainly not least, is the Hi-Can. This particular bed frame rounds out our list with the most high-tech accessories money can buy. This frame includes integrated sound systems, hi-definition smart television, and more. This particular frame is sure to bring your sleeping experience into the 21st century.

These are just our favorite bed frames mentioned to date. Innovators are always trying to take what many to believe a static piece of furniture, and turn it into something amazing. Who knows what the future may hold? And with so many DIY options out there, you can always take inspiration from one of the above and make your own frame to fit a nice, high-quality foam mattress.