Sleek, strong lines and minimalism are the basis of modern decor. And through proper use of the right materials, color, and rich interiors, modern decor can be as stylish as you want to make it. Here are some ways that you can achieve contemporary style in your home, provided by 22

COUCH/CHAIRS: In modern decor, furniture has strong linear form, and absence of ornamentation. Modern interiors have only the essential pieces of furniture. When choosing couches and chairs, modern styling may include the illusion of "floating" horizontal planes.  Bulky, furniture is replaced with sleek and refined materials. The use of leather, micro-fiber, tweed, and tightly woven fabrics makes furniture sophisticated and durable. Consider your space to furnish, and include only enough pieces to fit the function of the space. Modern decor's appeal is the feeling of airiness, space and light.

TABLES: They will follow the same philosophy from the couches with their strong horizontal lines, and fine use of wood, metals, and glass.  Use shiny and reflective touches to bring a strong industrial feel to the modern decor of a room. Ottomans and side tables in smooth linear form coupled with clean shaping make for wonderful accent accessories. Most cocktail tables in modern décor stand lower than traditional one's to give emphasis to sitting space, and minimalism.

WINDOWS: Light is key in modern décor. Window treatments should be kept light in texture, color, and weight. Heavy blinds, drapery and puffy curtains are too ornamental and 'heavy' looking for contemporary styling. Minimalism is achieved more easily when an abundance of light fills the room. If living in a smaller home, use less furniture and this will visually open up the room. Even though light may not be abundant, the use of lighter colors and less furnishings will instantly make windows seem brighter.

BEDROOMS: Choose from platform beds with their strong horizontal planes and complimenting side tables. Leave furniture to a minimum in the bedroom to emphasize the bed and rest of the room. Cantilevered beds are a contemporary way of tricking the eye, and contemporary décor loves to add simple lines, that add artistry details at the same time. For decoration, throw pops of color in bedding, drapery and rugs. Modern décor steers away from loud prints, and opts for bold and neutral tones.

KITCHEN: Sleek cabinets, bold countertops, and seamless appliances are a must. Materials such as wood, laminate, acrylic sheets, glass, and concrete are commonly used in modern kitchens. Remove small appliances and gadgets from countertops, and let the materials of the kitchen be showcased. In modern decor, the eye wants to sail across the room effortlessly.