With the latest interior design trends in 2020, it is time to roll up your sleeves and refresh your design ideas. Like many other industries, interior design is becoming increasingly digitized. In fact, you can even source an interior design project online. And to help you get started and make a new statement this year, we are sharing the top trends as well as the brands that you should look out for. Read on and get on top of your interior design game. 

1. Vintage Accents – Something that we are starting to see more of is vintage furniture with spindles and spooled legs, popular from the 1800s through to the early 1900s. And though vintage and traditional detailing is popular, designers aren’t going all out; they prefer adding a few statement pieces to up the aesthetics. 

If you’re in the mood to create a vintage environment for your next project, you should check out the Gujarat-based furniture brand, Conifur, that offers elegant wooden furniture and vintage décor pieces that are evidently eye-catching. 


2. Home Office – As the coronavirus pandemic hit, the remote working trend set in. And it looks like it's going to be the new normal. And this has also given rise to the latest interior design trend in design – home offices. A comfortable, elegant, and inspiring office space is what the clients are demanding.

If you’re looking forward to designing a home office soon, you should consider MOBI, a furniture brand known for its unique Turkish craftsmanship. The brand offers an exclusive range of furniture, including desks, tables, armchairs & sofas, lamps, etc. manufactured using advanced technology to ensure quality. The fine and elegant finish of its products will be perfect for your upcoming office space design project.

3. Curvy Shapes – What goes around comes around. Curvy shapes are remerging after ruling the design world in the 60s and 70s. Designers are using furniture with rounded edges, mixing them with a contemporary style to create cozy spaces. The modern twist here is the introduction of asymmetric lines with waves, curves, and circles to give spaces the softness people crave.

You should browse through products by LaCasa, a furniture brand that offers distinctive designs and the latest collection of both modern as well as antique furniture. 

4. Canopy Beds – Throwbacks are trending, and therefore, canopy beds are trending too. A canopy bed magnifies the sense of comfort and even the sense of luxury. However, you must carefully choose a canopy based on the size of the bed as well as the room. You don’t want to go with something too heavy or loud for a compact room. An airy feel is necessary. 

Check out the brand Ivano Redaelli if you’re looking for a canopy bed that’s characterized by a refined elegance. The brand offers many options with varied frames, color palettes, fabric, etc. You will not be disappointed. 

5. Two-Tone Kitchen – The all-white kitchen has been popular for a long time. But it’s now going to slowly phase out. Instead, we are going to see many two-tone kitchens. Clients usually prefer the mix of a black base and a complementing light shade. But if you have more freedom to design, you can add a pop of color strategically, for example, through a colorful kitchen island. Wood is also trending in kitchen décor. 

For every type of kitchen island you want, Toncelli would be your best choice. It’s an Italian brand that has 50 years of artistic heritage and a huge range of options perfect for every kind of project. 


6. Multi-functional Spaces – The focus of interior designers is now on creating multi-functional spaces because of the clients’ increasing demand for open plans and practical décor. The practical use of space is most commonly seen in dining areas and kitchens. Kitchens that have islands can be doubled as dining areas and workstations. And this is especially trending in compact spaces. 

You can check out Hamuoo, a brand known for its multi-functional furniture and storage units. You can source aesthetic pieces that will also fit your clients’ descriptions of practicality. 

7. Wall Artwork– One of the most popular interior design trends, floral art have truly stood the test of time. Flower Painting can bring the ‘wow’ factor to any space. With contrasting colors and vibrant patterns, you can easily create an accent wall and design the entire space around it. And the best part? A wall can take even the simplest of spaces to the next level. Visit www.indianartzone.com to explore more of landscape painting available online

If you’re looking for wallpapers to amp up your design project, Wallpaper should be your first stop. The brand offers exquisitely beautiful designs and prints wallpapers with ecological and UV resistant inks that also have great mechanical resistance. 

Start exploring and follow the trends in style with the brands discussed above. We are sure that you and your clients will fall in love! 

Author Bio: Vivek is a global sourcing expert and has worked with and assisted clients with their sourcing requirements for 1000+ projects in his 15+ years in the industry. With the aim to fulfill the evolving needs and demands of architects, interior designers, project managers, and HNIs, he started Arcedior- the most loved, curated products platform with 50,000+ products from 500+ brands spanning 30 countries. Being a design enthusiast with an eye for details, he also started a group on LinkedIn called ‘Design Leaders Roundtable - A Collaborative Community for Architects & Interior Designers’ which now has over 4K members. In his free time, he loves to travel with his family.