We all want to live in our dream homes, right?

Well, there are many ways to achieve that. And one of the best ways is by having a modern minimalist interior design.

Photo Credit: CondoWizard

Not only is this aesthetic and downright cozy, but it’s also economical because you can save money by ditching out the unnecessary objects and features.

But how can you achieve such a style?

That’s what this article is about. Here, we’ll show you the best methods to achieve a modern minimalist theme for your home’s interior design. We will also show some tips and tricks on how you can maximize your living space and bring out its best form.

Add Up Blank spaces

Blank spaces are an important element in minimalism because space interacts with the objects inside your home. It also defines the look and overall feel of your living space.


You need to ensure that there’s this visual balance so that your home won’t be cluttered. Get rid of furniture that doesn’t have any purpose. Examples of these are old cabinets you’re not using anymore. Or maybe a chair or double curtains that just add clutter to your living room.

Blank spaces make you feel relaxed because you don’t see anything that you have to think about. It might seem strange, but you’ll feel more energized and comfortable with your home if there are lots of blank spaces.

Have accent decorations

Having a modern minimalist home doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of any decors and bright colors. In fact, you need them to make your home feel alive. You can even add a few decorations with bright colors in small spaces to spice things up.


Just make sure that you use them as decorative elements. Don’t overdo them because this would then overwhelm your home with many things.

Take for example art materials. It’s best that you just choose one focal piece such as a personal portrait painting instead of a painting with many characters. This is very effective especially if you’re in a living room with bare walls.

Flat surfaces and clean lines

Having flat surfaces in your home makes it look more spacious because it creates the illusion of clean lines.


This is what makes modern minimalist homes a huge hit these days. Have cabinets that have well-defined edges and windows and drawers that don’t have unnecessary curves.

Make everything square and straight as much as possible. We also recommend that you use small low-key handles on cabinets and drawers as they’re more soothing to the eye!


This might seem obvious, but many homeowners still forget about it. Decluttering your home is essential if you’d want to make it look more aesthetic and spacious.


Remove the displayed stuff on your tables and shelves you don’t need. Display the things that are essential. And just store the rest inside the cabinet.

The same goes to the kitchen. Ditch the things you don’t need on your counter. We also recommend that you have an all-white kitchen with contrasting red wine bottles. This gives an impression of having a spacious and stylish kitchen.

Be creative with textures

Try different textures to make things more interesting in your home. You can have upholstered headboards paired with a mint-textured wallpaper.


These two features complement each other and makes your room look livelier. You can also have a wooden floorboard to add a textural layer in the room. You might think that this is overwhelming. But it’s really not. In fact, it just spices up the vibe inside your room.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting is another feature that modern minimalist homes have. Don’t rely too much on artificial lighting. Instead, let the sun’s natural light come in.


Not only does this help you conserve energy, but it’s also much more aesthetic. Just let the light pour in your living room by having thin curtains.

You can even use blinds if you change things up a bit. Or maybe add some neon flexible tube lights around your windows or ceiling to spice things up a bit at night. You can also have sheer curtains because this reflects the sun’s lighting and brightens up everything on its path.

Elevate simple objects

Minimalist homes make you think of finding ways to make the most out of the small and ordinary things.

Have colorful throw pillows matched with a couch with earth tones. You can also try having a striking painting hang on a blank and white wall. The white backdrop gives it a neutral tone that makes even the simplest of objects stand out.

It’s all about making the most out of even the smallest details. Just make sure you don’t overdo it so that it won’t become an eyesore.


Having a modern minimalist interior design isn’t really difficult. All you need is to be creative enough to have the right mix of art and functionality. Get rid of the things you don’t really need. And always just stick to the necessities.

When you do, then you’ll see how much has changed for the better in your home. You’ll then be surely living in your dream home in no time.