Owing to its uniqueness and versatility, metal has gained incredible popularity as a preferred material in construction. From chandeliers to a steel staircase design with Active Metal, architects, engineers, and designers are using metal in many innovative ways to create a unique look and feel.


Metal is an all-weather performer and lasts long. It is equally suitable for both interior and exterior of your house. It gives a sleek look to your home interior and instantly reflects your modern and progressive personality. While some still consider it an industry material and refrain from using it for home design, many prefer it for its exceptional potential to elevate the style. Here are some reasons that will compel you to turn to this amazing material.

High Durability
Metal is more durable than many of its competitor materials. While some may argue that it is prone to scratches and rust, modern metallic fixtures easily defy such claims. They come with finishes that do not chip, crack, or fade away. It can withstand water, vapor, air, humidity, and even the thermal cycle. Modern metallic fixtures can last long with minimal damage even in odd conditions.

Simple installation
Materials like concrete and masonry take longer to install and often cause scheduling issues and an increase in labor costs. Metallic fixtures, on the other hand, can be installed easily and quickly. Most of these items come with convenient attachments that reduce the installation complexity to a great extent. Simple pieces need minimum or even no expertise. You can save plenty of time by choosing metallic items for your home design.

When you choose concrete and masonry products for your home design, you have to make sure that the structure is strong enough to bear its weight. This can significantly increase the cost, time, and labor required for the job. On the contrary, metal is several times lighter than these materials. It does not have any special support needs which keep the cost and labor in check.

Easy to maintain
As mentioned earlier, metal fixtures come with high-performance finishes. Unlike concrete or wood, it does not need frequent resealing or painting to prevent cracks, stains, and fades. It requires very little maintenance and extends the life of the building at a very reasonable cost.

Available in numerous sizes and shapes
When it comes to offering variety, nothing can match the potential of metal. You can find numerous sizes and shapes in metallic fixtures be it stairs, panels, or decor items. You can mix and match these varieties to harmonize every piece with the style and theme of your house. You can also get them completely customized without much increase in cost.

Texture variety and unique finishes
Whether you like smooth, ridged, or embossed texture, you can easily find them all in metal. You can choose a natural metallic finish for a sleek and modern look or play with finishes like epoxy or painted to add some exotic color splashes. These varieties allow you to create anything that you can imagine and have a home design that is in perfect sync with your dreams.

You can also get them completely customized without much increase in cost. For example, FastMetals has bulk plate for sale online in stainless steel to enhance your design.