If you have money to spend on a renovation this year, you could do worse than install a new bathroom. It is an upgrade that could add value to your home if you complete it to a high standard. We all need a haven where we can get away from the rest of the world and soak our troubles away with hot water, candles and a glass of wine. Create one in your home and make life more comfortable than it is now.

The size of this room can be problematic. Architects often give more space to the bedrooms and squeeze the bathroom in where they can. You have two options; work with the space available or move it into a spare bedroom. If you have an extra bedroom, consider the move because it gives you many more options for the design.


If the bathroom is to remain in the small location, there are some things you can do to make it seem more spacious than it is. Here are a few tips.
  • Use mirrors in the room. Ask your local glazier to cut one to size so that it spans an entire wall if necessary. When you enter the room, it will look twice as big for little cost. Professional designers use mirrors to their advantage; so should you.
  • Don’t use shower curtains, they block the view of the room. Use a glass screen instead. It is a simple adaptation that anyone can retrofit to make their room look spacious.
  • Use an L shaped shower bath instead of separates. The cunning design looks attractive, and they are safer to stand in than ordinary baths. They are one of the best-sellers at Bathshop321 and many other retailers online.
  • Install plenty of artificial lights to make the place look bright. There is nothing worse than a gloomy room with only one central light fitting.
  • Make sure the scale of the suite matches the room. We would all love to install a huge whirlpool corner unit, but sometimes it just isn’t practical.
Whatever size  are upgrading, most designers would recommend that you install at least two vanity units. There are thousands from which to choose, and they offer a useful storage solution. Take a look at any of the best bathrooms in magazines or show homes, and you will see that they are entirely cutter-free. Maintaining that status as an ongoing task and the vanity unit is your ally.

Consider the style of the room too. If you prefer a contemporary, minimal design, the suite will probably be plain but with cutting edge taps and other fittings. It is those touches that set one space apart from the next. If you prefer the classical style, maybe you could include a couple of small columns in the design; one on either side of the bath.

A new bathroom is one of the essential upgrades in modern homes. Along with the kitchen. It could add value to the building and indeed make it easier to sell if you want to move. Of course, if the installation is for your pleasure, the cost is irrelevant. You can’t put a price on making your life a bit more comfortable. I hope you agree.