Your bedroom is more than just another room in the house. For many, it is often the room they spend most of their time in. For others, it is the one place where they can be by themselves and relax. Regardless of the way you use your room, there is no doubt about how intimate and private it feels. You can find the kind of person someone is just by looking around their room. You can find them in the way they might have arranged pictures on their walls or the color they painted their walls in. 


However, it's hard to design your bedroom in a way it keeps its functionality and still feels like home. Doing all this while also trying to stay within a budget can be overwhelming. Here is a basic list of things to keep in mind while giving your room a makeover:

1: Try To Not Go Overboard With Colors
Bedrooms are meant to be places where you can relax. They are supposed to be welcoming, soothing, and feel comfortable. For this effect, it is important to try to not go too overboard with the color scheme you are painting your room with. The best colors to achieve this soothing feeling are often delicate and lighter color schemes. This can include neutral, nude, creams, or a light pastel color palette.

Of Course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment! If your favorite colors are bold then try playing around to see what works. Try to find a way to incorporate the color in your room without it becoming too overwhelming. Instead of painting all the walls a bold color, you could paint only one of them or paint a pattern with it instead. You could also incorporate the color within your room using your furniture or bedspread.

2: Different Kinds Of Lighting 
More often than not, the bedroom isn’t a place which we only use for sleeping. While it is mostly used for sleeping and resting, many also use it for work or just to hang out. This requires you to have different kinds of lighting for different purposes. If you rarely ever use your bedroom for work, strong table light or lamp could do. However, if you do use your room for working or studying, it is best to have at least one strong LED light installed so that you can work comfortably. You can get affordable lighting easily from the china lighting wholesale market or can even order online from links such as

Similarly, if you prefer to sleep with the lights on, you need to invest in a night lamp. You can also include other kinds of lighting to make your room more fun. Fairy Lights can be easily used to make your room look prettier while creating a cozy atmosphere. Similarly, you can get LED colored lights for your room for more fun and bright atmosphere. 

3: Easy Movement 
For any space, it is important to keep in mind how you will be moving around it. This becomes even more important in bedrooms since we often cluster our rooms. For your bedroom to be relaxing and comfortable, there should be ease of movement existing within it. You should be able to walk around freely without feeling cramped.

Try your best to avoid too much bedroom furniture so that you don’t go around tripping over bookshelves. More furniture often makes the room look heavier as well as restricts your space. This becomes even more important if your room is smaller in size. If you find yourself having storage difficulty, instead of adding more furniture, you can try to find alternates. For example, you can add drawers beneath your bed or attach a few shelves to a wall.

4: Sitting Space
Since you often do multiple activities in your bedroom, you need space to do those. You cannot always just sit on your bed and at times, there are things you just can’t do in bed (such as work). Keeping this in mind, it's better to have more than one alternative for sitting. These can include carpets, floor cushions, beanies, or even chairs. 

However, it is important to remember what we mentioned before. The extra sitting should not cluster your room and make it hard for you to move. This is why large bulky sofas are not preferable. You can get custom chairs made for your room by plastic chair manufacturing stores that fit your room.

By keeping these small but incredibly useful tips in mind, you can now easily transform your room into a comfortable space. After all, bedrooms are meant to be an escape from the world itself and so why not escape in the best way possible?