Make the most of the wall space in your kitchen by utilizing various storage solutions. For example, you can divide items on shelves, use hooks to hang up things, or organize items on top of cabinets. In addition, you can use the space above your upper cabinets to create an island if you have a small kitchen.


Organize items on top of cabinets
A good cabinet layout can help you save counter space and create order in your kitchen. You may consider hanging pans and pots to free up valuable cabinet space if you have a small kitchen. This will also make the room look more appealing. Besides maximizing counter space, you can also maximize storage by rearranging items to make more room for other kitchen items. You can use the open space above your cabinets to store items that are out of reach. This space is also great for storing decorative items. For example, during kitchen remodeling, you can install a shelf that extends to the ceiling or use a pull-out cabinet to store canned goods. You can also install a pantry to keep things you don't use daily.

Divide items on shelves
One of the best ways to utilize the available space in your kitchen is to maximize your cabinet layout. A good design should incorporate both open and enclosed storage spaces. For example, you can use the open side of a cabinet to maximize space or install slide-out drawers to access the back cabinet space. In addition to open space, you should use drawer dividers to keep items in the same drawer. This will keep your cabinets organized and also prevent things from slipping around. You can also add hidden drawers to maximize your cabinet space. This is great for flat items and rarely used items.

Hang items on hooks
One of the most effective ways to maximize kitchen space with a cabinet layout is to utilize under-cabinet storage. These shelves efficiently use unused vertical space, allowing you to store knick-knacks, cleaning supplies, and more. You can also use hanging racks to store jars, cutting boards, and baking sheets. If you're worried about counter space, consider installing magnetic strips to keep knives and other metal kitchen tools in place. Different ways to create more space are to add expandable shelves or baskets below cabinets. You can also hang items on cabinets without walls, such as pot lids or utensils.

Utilize above-cabinet space
The space above a kitchen cabinet can be a wonderful place to store shelves or other items. There are several ways to use this space, including stacking and using shelf risers. You can also use open shelves and glass jars to organize pantry items. Another great way to use the above-cabinet space is installing a tip-out tray. This is great for storing spices and canned goods. A tray can also hide items that might otherwise be unsightly. Finally, you can use a toe-kick drawer to keep things you do not use daily.

Organize items on the bottom shelves
The bottom shelves of cabinets should be reserved for heavier items. For example, pots and pans should be placed on the bottommost shelves, while lighter items should be rated higher. The bottom shelves should also have space for serving items, such as utensils. Use utensil organizers to organize smaller items like dinnerware. Place food items, such as canned goods, in the pantry. To make more space in your kitchen, try installing additional cabinet shelves. They will provide more storage space and a sturdy base for heavy items. They are handy for organizing flat items and rarely-used items. You can also install hidden drawers to maximize your cabinet space.

Organize items on top shelves
First, identify what items are frequently used in your kitchen. These items should be kept in lower cabinets, and lighter items should be stored higher up. Store similar items together. This will help maintain order over time. Also, organize items by category. You'll be able to find things faster this way. Most kitchen cabinets have one or two shelves. Consider adding a shelf organizer if yours doesn't have this much space. These inexpensive organizers can keep your cabinets well-organized and free of clutter. Another option is to install shallow drawers in your cupboards.