Upgrade your window treatments

A common trend seen when people are upgrading their bathrooms is updating their window coverings. You can choose amongst a wide variety of blinds however if your budget allows it – You should definitely opt for plantation shutters. If you’re in Australia, check out this retailers product imagery, simply stunning. We think the Australian market is one of the biggest in the world with shutters, as such they are uniquely positioned to showcase some of the best designed wide width shutter panels on the market. Whilst pricey, shutters will really add an extra special something to your windows and bathroom.

Start with a plan


Though for many people this is an intuitive first step, it doesn't hurt to included in our 15 remodeling tips list. The reason that this is such an important first step is that assessing and establishing exactly what you want to do before going into it, is of utmost importance.

On one hand, making a plan and establishing exactly what you want to do to remodel your bathroom will give you the time of reflection and the chance to think of exactly what it is you are trying to achieve with this remodel; and on the other hand, it will give you a concrete plan of attack when you begin, and throughout the process come up which you can assess or consult when you're in the middle of remodeling, so you don't get lost, discourage, or off track.

Also, this will allow you to make any changes to your initial plan or sketch of what you are going to do to remodel your bathroom. This is important because, as psychology states, when we have make a decision, but go back to it and choose a second option, it is most likely that the second option that we choose suits us better, benefits us more, or simply brings us more happiness. So don't feel bad about changing your initial plans, for the second revision might just be the best way to go.

Plumbing doesn't usually need to be changed
According to many experts, one of the places where people tend to throw away or waste a lot of money is by redoing the plumbing. But you don't always have to redo your plumbing in your bathroom. As a matter of fact, keeping the plumbing where it is will most likely save you a huge amount of money. 

Of course, if you are expanding your bathroom, or adding a new fixture for appliance, maybe altering your plumbing a bit might be necessary. But there's no reason to completely redo the plumbing in your bathroom, unless it is absolutely necessary.

This is not the same that updating your plumbing is it necessary, for with many of the older style homes, repairing or updating plumbing or certain areas of bathroom plumbing in your home is necessary to avoid leaks or other issues. So I highly recommend updating your plumbing if you need to. But completely redoing it is unnecessary just for the sake of remodeling a bathroom.

Is your current bathroom floor plan ideal?
Remodeling a bathroom is also a great thing because it allows you to be in headspace of knowing that pretty much anything is possible, and that you can practically change anything which doesn't suit your preferences.

With that said, taking a moment to observe the floor plan of your bathroom is essential to the whole remodeling process in general. This is due to the fact that if you are unsatisfied with your current bathroom floor plan, or think that it would be better to change it, you can!

Floor plans in bathrooms are a very easy thing to change. It mostly involves moving around, rearranging, or rethinking the furniture and other non-permanent things and your bathroom, such as chests of drawers, cupboards, shelves, vanities, and other things similar to that. 

By doing such simple things is this, the most probable outcome is a bathroom floor plan which you love, and you find to be much more efficient and effective when it comes to available space in your bathroom, and general fluidity of movement.

Make the most out of the space you have


We all know that when we say "remodeling" the first thing that comes to mind is grabbing the nearest sledgehammer and busting through a wall. We just can't help it. But unless it is quite essential, expanding your bathroom isn't necessarily the answer to making your bathroom look larger and have more space. 

There are many ways to make the most out of the space you have in your bathroom, and it's just a matter of finding out exactly what you would like to do. Maximizing your bathroom sometimes means getting rid of big and clunky furniture that by no means needs to be that large or take up so much space. Other ways include re-arranging furniture in a way that makes much more space available in your bathroom.

A great way to do this is instead of having a covered or big dresser and your bathroom, installing elevated exposed hanging shelves. This is a great way to open up floor space, open up wall space, and still have all the storage you need and want in your bathroom. In fact, you would be putting wallspace to use that would otherwise not have been useful at all. So I highly recommend looking into ways in which you can make your bathroom seem larger, feel larger, and to simply use the most of your space possible without it being crowded in your bathroom.

Flooring: keep it or lose it?
Overlooking the flooring in your bathroom can be one of the biggest errors. This is due to the fact that flooring is one of the main components in a room in general, especially in bathrooms, and figuring out you want to remodel it after you've remodeled the rest of your bathroom wouldn't be ideal. 

You see, when flooring gets too old and can become a troublesome, and it can require much more money in repairs in the long run than it would cost to completely remodel it.

Of course, we all know that flooring in general costs a good sum money, but it is a very wise investment for the future if you change out old or troublesome flooring for newer flooring. 

So, figuring out whether or not you want to keep or lose the flooring in your bathroom is absolutely essential. Especially since flooring is the literal base of the rest of your bathroom, and you don't want to be stuck doing it once you've done the other things to your bathroom, because this can cause much more work than needed.

Consider the durability and upkeep of the new additions to your bathroom
It is absolutely essential to invest in fixtures and appliances and furniture in your bathroom that you know will last you a very long time, and that you know is high quality, and won't require a lot of maintenance. 

This will save you money, since you won't have to be making repairs or replacing or buying more things, and it will also ensure that you're not always consumed with one repair and another in your bathroom, trying to maintain products because they were low quality when you installed them.

By this I don't exactly mean getting the most expensive products for your bathroom. I simply mean making sure that they're high-quality, build well, and made well for your bathroom, since these things can make all the difference in the results of your newly remodeled bathroom, and your subsequent bathroom experience.

There are a few ways you can do this, and go about ensuring the high quality and build of the products that you will be remodeling your bathroom with, and my favorite is making sure that the materials are compatible with the humidity in bathrooms, and the everyday use which it will probably receive. 

For example, I like to make sure that the shelves I install in my bathroom are good to use in bathrooms, or even made specifically for use in bathrooms, since if I use a different kind of material, I find that the shelves begin bending and weakening over time due to the humidity in my bathroom.

Update your toilet
Sometimes one of the best ways to completely transform an update your bathroom is by upgrading your toilet. Yes, it's not the most glamorous of things to update or upgrade, but many people overlook how much of a difference it truly makes in a bathroom, and you don't have to be one of those people. 

There are too many sophisticated and modern toilets which are complete with state-of-the-art technology on the market today for us to adhere to the idea of a traditional toilet. In all honesty, traditional toilet designs aren't even as effective as they should be, and they for sure don't look beautiful. But toilet types and designs such as wall hung toilets or back to wall toilets really make a difference in the look and overall functionality of a bathroom.

I highly suggest looking into a few different models of wall hung toilets and back to wall toilets in order to see what is available for your bathroom and kitchen how to transform your bathroom.

In addition to this, contrary to what many people may assume, toilets aren't that expensive of an investment. There are places that offer amazing deals on toilets that are high quality, well built, and complete with state-of-the-art technology for a fraction of the price of another traditional toilet. So you don't always have to break your bank to upgrade your toilet, and that shouldn't be something which is holding you back.

Install a new shower enclosure to upgrade your everyday experience


We use our shower almost everyday, and on the days that we don't use it, we have to see it regardless. So what's the point in having an outdated or less than gorgeous shower enclosure when we're the only ones that have to see it and deal with it on a daily basis?

I see this is completely unnecessary, especially given the fact that installing a new shower enclosure is quick, easy, and more than affordable. It's thanks to this that many people have been choosing their showers as the number one sing to remodeling bathrooms in 2018 and 2019, and I have got to admit that it is a very smart choice.

Having a beautiful shower enclosure, no matter what style or design really transform the look in your bathroom, and elevates the existing style exponentially. 

Additionally, there's no reason to have a troublesome old shower enclosure when it makes your shower experience less than amazing.

So I highly recommend browsing some shower enclosures, and seeing if there are any that catch your eye, for not only will your bathroom look ten times better and more sophisticated, but your shower experience will be completely transformed and improved in ways you didn't even think possible.

Rethink your bathroom sink
Apart from the shower and the toilet, the sink is used every single day, and is an essential part of a bathroom. This means that a lot of attention is directed towards the bathroom sink, and that when the sink is subpar or less than beautiful or functional, the everyday experience with your sink and in your bathroom and general it's also subpar and less than amazing. Well, there's no reason you should stand for that.

Rethinking your bathroom sink can save you money end time because most sinks over 10 years old require a reparation or at least some sort of maintenance every 6 months or so; and it is most probable that they are not the most beautiful fixture to have in your bathroom. Therefore, investing in a new bathroom sink can really make all the difference in your bathroom. 

There are so many diverse designs, sizes, and styles of bathroom sinks from which you can choose the best one, that there really should be no stress regarding whether or not you'll find the right one. And you can definitely rest assured that you'll find the perfect bathroom sink for you. 

Also, since you're already in the process of remodeling, you can always rethink the style of sink that will best suit your new bathroom, this includes establishing whether you would like to keep the same style bathroom sink, or whether you would like to change styles. 

For example, if you have an inset basin on the counter, but you think that it takes up too much space, or that the counter isn't a piece of furniture that you would like to keep in your bathroom, changing to a pedestal basin might be a great way to change things up in your bathroom, and upgrade your everyday experience. So I highly recommend looking at the choices that you have available to you.

Focus on the lighting in your bathroom

The lighting in any room can either make or break the look and mood it creates, and the lighting in our bathrooms is more than often unfortunately overlooked. Of course, we all love a well-lit bathroom, especially around the mirror or vanity area, so we can get a good look at ourselves in the morning or when we're getting ready. But what about the rest of the room? 

There are so many ways in which a bathroom can be lit which create different moods and different looks in an instant. Depending on the type of lighting that you have available to you, or the type of lighting which will help you achieve the correct look and mood in your bathroom,  you can illuminate certain parts of your bathroom in order to create a certain mood.  

Also, if you have ill lit areas in your bathroom, I highly suggest lighting them in the way which best suits your needs and preferences during the process of remodeling your bathroom, in order for you to be able to complete everything in one swift project, and not have projects scattered about.

Great lighting ideas include lighting from the ceiling in the form of ceiling lamps, lighting from the walls in the form of vanity lights or a window, or lighting from the floor in the form of floor lamps or tiny spotlights.

Invest in great furniture


Your bathroom furniture is also a great way to transform and remodel your bathroom. Getting rid of old furniture, and replacing it with newer furniture will transform the look of your bathroom in an instant.

When doing this, it's important to assess what type of furniture you want and need in your bathroom, and what furniture will look best while still functioning perfectly. For this I recommend asking yourself whether the types or designs of furniture that you already have in your bathroom is what you want, or what are you would like to change it, and if so to what.

During the process of buying furniture, as I mentioned briefly above, making sure the materials from which your bathroom furniture is made are the right ones for bathroom furniture is very important because this will ensure durability and long-lasting beauty in your bathroom.

In addition to this, making sure that the furniture that you're buying elevates the style and look in your bathroom, while also serving a purpose is very important, because the last thing you want is to wind up with a whole bunch of furniture that you don't need, or that doesn't make you happy. So take your time in the furniture section, and really invest in good furniture that will last, and remain beautiful the whole time.

Make sure that the furniture that you are keeping is in good shape 
This is an important step because we don't always want to completely overhaul the furniture in our bathroom, especially when it's still good. But it's still super important to assess whether the furniture that you're keeping will still last you a good amount of time, and doesn't require to be repaired or maintained constantly this is important for your personal comfort and for the overall quality in your bathroom.
If, for example, there is a cupboard in your bathroom that you've had for years, and that simply looks less than beautiful and takes up way too much valuable space, it's super important that you get rid of it if that's what you decide to do. But if you have a vanity that you don't want to give up, but is still in great condition, there's no reason to get rid of it, for it still serves a purpose, and it is still in good shape.

Yes, we may find it hard to part with some things, especially if they have an emotional value to us. But there are always ways to upcycle or donate our furniture that we can't use anymore, and I highly recommend looking into this kind of thing before you start remodeling your bathroom and getting rid of furniture so that you have somewhere to put your furniture, and that it may continue to serve a purpose.

Keep in mind that tiling isn't always the only option
When we want to spice up the look in her room, many of us consider a tiling our go-to way to upgrade and make our rooms look good. But let's not forget that there are many different ways to spice up and upgrade a space in our bathrooms that doesn't involve tiling for hours.

Instead of tiling you can install wood paneling, or fake wood paneling if you think it can withstand the humidity in your bathroom better, you can simply paint, you can expose brick in that area, or you can even create a rock wall feature in that area. So, in short, there are many other options that you can choose instead of tiling in area, and I suggest you take a look at the different ways in which you can upgrade the decor in your bathroom. You won't regret it!

Reinvent the color scheme in your bathroom
Color schemes are important in every type of room, but in the bathroom they usually stand out a lot more, since bathrooms are usually neutral rooms that don't feature too much glamour. But by making simple changes to the color scheme and overall saturation of color in your bathroom, you can change the look, and completely reinvent the way your bathroom looks.

Choosing a color scheme which compliments the look and style you are going for in your bathroom will amplify said style, and highlight all the best parts about it. In addition to this, a big part of remodeling bathrooms is changing the look and mood in the bathroom, and changing the color scheme in your bathroom is one of the best ways to do that.

I recommend looking at different color schemes online and applying your own version of the color scheme to your bathroom, or your own interpretation of a certain theme or overall look to your bathroom. That way your bathroom has personal touches, and it is exactly to your liking, but it is also sure to be perfect and beautiful.

Aim for results that make you happy
Simply remodeling a bathroom is one thing, but when that bathroom is your bathroom, and you use it everyday, making sure that the end results are exactly to your liking, and our results which make you happy is absolute most essential part. 

In my opinion, it has become too easy to just follow what the magazines say, and to simply decorate, and model our homes after what is being taught to us. But stopping to make sure that that is something that makes us happy seems to be at the bottom of many people's list. But it is so important to make sure that the look that you end up with in your bathroom is one which makes you happy and what you are satisfied with. Otherwise, was there really a point in remodeling your bathroom in the first place? 

Anyways, I hope this was a good start to your remodeling journey, and I hope that you are able to feel more centered, more confident, and more than ready to start on your remodeling adventure. I wish you all the luck, and please share you're amazing results with us, we would love to see them.