A renovated commercial lavatory has tremendous benefits for a business. Those improvements will not only serve you and your employees for years, but they also add value to your office building in the eventuality of selling it. But just like any other project, remodeling your building’s lavatories is a process that requires time and resources.

When designing a commercial lavatory, you need to take into consideration both style and functionality. Otherwise, you will end up spending lots of money on something you don’t enjoy. After all, this is one of the rooms you can’t avoid in the building, so why not make it into a place you actually like spending time in

With projects as important as this one, sometimes you just need a little help. So, we put together a guide with the most important aspects you need to keep in mind when remodeling your bathroom.


Plan with your needs in mind
If other rooms of your business can be planned more on style than on functionality, bathrooms and kitchens, unfortunately, are not one of those. Bathrooms must be comfortable and practical first, and only then stylish. Assess your employee’s and tenets’ needs before you start making a plan to ensure you are coming up with effective solutions.
For example, if your office building has many tenets, you’ll need to make accommodations to ensure adequate functionality.

Design for the future
No matter what type of style you require, taking a look at sites like OnePointPartitions.com will help you with the inspiration you need to remodel your bathroom. You may consider selling the building at some point in the future, so try to keep it basic and functional without leaving out a subtle personal touch.At a point in the future, you may consider selling the building, so try to stick with the basics and bring your own touch through décor pieces or design elements, rather than installing a beautiful but relatively useless sink.

Consider the ADA requirements and needs. These needs can include low light switches, smooth floors, and grab bars in the shower.

Provide proper ventilation
Proper bathroom ventilation not only adds to your comfort, but it also helps to keep your bath in good condition. In a humid environment like this, mold can appear very fast, and when that happens, you will end up spending more money on renovations than you would on proper ventilation.

Ideally, you should have an operable window in the restrooms, which can help with ventilation. If you observe a window does not suffice, or you don’t have one, an exhaust fan specially designed for commercial lavatories should do the trick. Take into consideration the exhaust rate and noise level when shopping for a bathroom fan, to ensure you get one suited for your needs.

Save space with hidden-tank toilet
No one likes a small bathroom, but it does not mean you can’t make the most out of what you have. To save up on space, consider installing a toilet and urinals with a hidden tank and flush valves. This is a smart choice that provides both functionality and style, allowing you to maximize space without having to compromise on a smaller, uncomfortable toilet.

One inconvenience you should be aware of when it comes to hidden-tank toilets is routine maintenance. Because the tank is installed inside the wall, accessing it can be difficult when you need to take care of an issue with the inner workings. There are some options to gain access to the water storage vessel and pipes, so do your research beforehand.

Don’t be stingy with fixtures
Fixtures can make or break a lavatory, so if there’s something worth investing in, these are it. Faucets, showerheads and other fixtures can add both a plus of style to your bathroom and value to the overall business. Decide on a color and style and stick to them for the entirety of your bathroom, so that everything looks cohesive and in place. 
Functionality is also very important, so choose fixtures that match the important features you are looking for. For example, sensor faucets, such as those you see at the mall, can be very effective for conserving water, as it is known that we waste a lot of water for things as mundane as washing our hands.  Read this informative article on EPA rebates by using WaterSense products.

Does your Building require Tubs or showers?
When it comes to choosing between a tub and a shower, a lot of people choose to add tubs to their bathrooms just because they feel they should. A bathtub is not a necessity, in a commercial building. Plus, today’s buyers are not as keen for bathtubs as they once were. In some circumstances, an automatic sensor shower can be a much better option, as it is convenient, much more affordable, and can fit into small bathrooms. 

Improve the lighting
Not many commercial restrooms are blessed with large windows that provide lots of natural light, so you will have to compensate. The bathroom is where most people groom themselves, so you need to actually see what you are doing if you don’t want to come out of there with messed up lipstick.

Consider vanity mirror lights, as they give a great amount of light. And because the light comes directly towards you, it will ensure you don’t have to adjust your position just because an annoying shadow won’t get out of your way.