Are you thinking about refreshing your bathroom? You have to agree; bathrooms are the most used, and yet they are somehow under-designed. If you have some free time, now is the perfect time to redesign and upgrade your bathroom to a modern look.


Remodeling a bathroom requires that you invest time and money, so before you start, ensure that you plan everything. You can start by looking at the following top bathroom trends for 2021 that will help transform your bathroom.

Choose a New Color Scheme
Does your bathroom look boring? This could be because of the outdated or faded paint. You can bring some life back into your bathroom by choosing one or two colors to repaint. Bright whites, light greys, creams, or anything in the family of the brownish taupe family are trending this year. They are blending well with contrasting tiles.

If you are not sure which color theme to go for, you can look for bathroom remodeling services in Brooklyn to help you. Such companies have enough experience in remodeling houses, and they offer the best services. They have helped many people remodel their homes and give them a modern feeling.

Glass Shower
Today, a glass shower has become a must-have item in a modern bathroom. Go for an ultra-modern glass shower that is transparent, as they help display your shower walls or tiles. The glass showers also create an illusion of a large space, making it suitable for smaller bathrooms.

Natural Elements
As you know, bathrooms can be very dull places. Incorporating natural elements in bathrooms to liven it up is one of the emerging trends in 2021. You can use plants to add a bit of color and liveliness to the bathroom space. Consider adding potted plants to decorate the room.

Heated Bathroom Floors
There is nothing that sucks more than stepping on cold floors while going to the bathroom at night. Although heated floor technology has been around for quite some time, this trend is becoming more popular in 2021 due to improvements in electrical heating machinery. Heated floors come in two types: hydronic and electric. The hydronic is an updated version of roman technology, and you have to install the entire house with the floor heating system. On the other hand, an electric blanket is placed under the floor, and you can control it using your thermostat and a timer.

Lavish White Marble
White marble is a sophisticated material that never gets old. Actually, it is one of the most attractive bathroom trends in 2021, and it can be used for both walls and floors. The marbles are beautiful on their own. Therefore, they can transfer this beauty into the bathroom interior.

This makes it look very luxurious and sophisticated at the same time. They also blend well with other natural materials such as stones, wood, and metals. Therefore, if you want to improve your bathroom design, then you can combine marbles with different materials that you like.

In 2021, your bathroom should be aesthetic and functional. These are some of the trends that you can use to update your bathroom.