Are you happy with your current kitchen? Do you want to revitalize this space in your home? Rather than it be simply a functional room where you cook, eat, and clean, you can take your kitchen to the next level. You can transform that ordinary space into an extraordinary one – and you don’t have to push the boat out too far to make it a reality. 


That can be seen with the following five design ideas. There’s no need to go with a full renovation. Incorporating these ideas into your kitchen allows you to breathe new life into this space. 

1. Switch out your countertops 

Although it is far from the smallest of changes, one of the most effective ways to elevate your kitchen is by selecting new countertops. This is certainly the case if your counters show signs of wear and tear or look a little dated in this day and age. 
When picking new countertops, there’s no limit in terms of the number of choices available. One option that is fast growing in popularity is quartzite. Similar to granite, the popularity of quartzite is due to its durability and style. The latter includes a wider range of color choices compared to granite, giving you more possibilities to design a kitchen that matches your vision. 

2. Mix up the colors 

Can you opt for a straightforward kitchen style that sticks with one or two primary colors? Of course. In fact, that is what most will do while achieving great success. However, one way to stand out and impart your personality into the kitchen design is to mix it up with your colors and patterns. 

Differing tones for your walls and countertops. Multicolored cabinets. A feature wall with distinctive wallpaper. You can go against the standard rulebook in many ways, allowing you to truly embrace your personality and style. 

3. High-quality accents 

It is easy to disregard what accents, such as handles and taps, can bring to the party. Yet when you select high-quality accents that are metallic and deliver a little glitz, they can catch the eye and add that all-important finishing touch to your kitchen. The good news is that, even when choosing high-quality accents, they usually won’t hurt your budget too much. 

4. Bring the light 

Light should always be a focus when designing your kitchen. You should try and introduce as much natural light as possible – although installing new windows or a skylight might be beyond your current budget. However, the right use of artificial lighting can still create a striking impression. 

5. Add greenery 

This is a simple yet effective tactic. By adding a few plants in your kitchen, you are able to brighten up the space and enjoy purifying and health benefits. One of the more natural ways to add plants is by hanging a few fresh herbs next to your countertops. The added bonus is that if you want to season your dishes, you can simply pluck a few herbs as you wish.