If you own a home, whether you have just bought a new home or been living there for years, you, like many homeowners, have probably wondered when is the correct time to call a roofing specialist. Roof inspections should be done regularly and by a trained roofing company specialist. 


The reason for having an accredited roofing company specialist perform these inspections is to limit any risk, identify potential problems, and thus prevent any significant future damage to your home. The examination will also determine what maintenance, if any, must be performed to increase the longevity of your roof. Below are a few signs to watch out for, should any apply to your home, please have an inspection done.
Cracks in roofing 
Cracks can most certainly indicate a sign of potential problems with your roof. Cracks can form after a single hail storm, excessive wind, or corrosion over time. So you can be assured that cracks do need to be attended to; the water then seeps through the cracks causing rot, rust, and mold. All of these are incredibly detrimental to the structure of your roof. If this is left untreated, it could eventually lead to structural failure. Which is extremely expensive to repair, so before you end up having structural failure, call a specialist to perform an inspection if you see cracks.
Roof shingle problems 
One of the most critical parts of your roof is the Roof shingles. They keep out the rain and wind, protecting the structure of your roof. Unfortunately, shingles can become damaged over time or wear out. If any damage to your shingles is noticeable, please call a roofing expert to perform an inspection and let him carry out any repairs before any damaged roof shingles cause any significant problems to the structure of your roof.
Leaking roof 
A direct water leak is one of the most obvious signs that your roof requires maintenance; however, water dripping on the floor is not the only sign that your roof leaks. Discolored ceiling boards and water running down interior or exterior walls are clear indications of water leaks. Unfortunately, water leaks may not only be a semi-scratch. It could be faulty gutters, cracks, or even the edging around chimneys. It is vital that you attend to any water leaks as soon as you notice them. When water gets into the roof structure, it causes mold rot and, ultimately, if left unattended, will only worsen. The longer you take to contact a roofing specialist to repair the leak, the more costly the repair will become.
Warped decking in the attic 
The decking on your roof is the wooden frame to which the shingles are attached. These boards are visible in most attics. If any of these boards seem damaged, curled, or if any sign of warping can be noticeable, it is time to have your roof inspected by a roofing specialist. This damage to your decking could potentially be caused by heavy snow loads or ice dams in the winter or rainy summer seasons where the water could be leaking into the house's wall cavities just under the rafters. If you notice any sign of damage to the decking in your attic, please get in touch with a professional roofer and have an inspection done along with any repairs that might be applicable.  
Roofing certification 
This certification is available from reputable roofing companies; it is essentially evidence that the person who works on your roof has been trained and is qualified to perform the work. Roof experts will bring to your attention any possible repairs, modifications, or any form or replacement that is required. It should include all materials used during the installation. It should also have the pitch of the specific roof and the date of the last repair or the last inspection date. This document also assists in procuring a mortgage or other types of loans to prove your property's roof is certified. In addition, this certificate can be used as evidence to potential buyers establishing the quality of the property's roof, its structure, and its condition should you decide to sell your home.
Additional inspections after severe weather events
Have you experienced a bad storm, hail, or any other form of severe weather? Then it is an excellent time to have your roof inspected. Harsh weather can easily damage a roof, especially those living in high-risk areas that experience tornados or hurricanes. Therefore, it is crucial to identify any possible damage to your roof and its structure as soon as possible. Not only will this early warning save you from future disasters, but it saves you money as it detects any issues early. In addition, you can attend to them before they worsen and even cause structural problems, proving why regular roof maintenance is also essential.
Regular maintenance
Regular maintenance to your roof is vital, and a roofing professional will help you with routine maintenance, which will keep your roof in good condition. If your roof is in good condition, it also helps your home's structural integrity and overall appearance. It will also prevent substantial repair costs in the future, saving you money. Good maintenance carried out by a professional should also prevent the need to re-roof your entire home in the future. Although re-roofing a property is expensive, correct and regular maintenance can prevent you from re-roof your property.
When it comes to your home, the roof is one of the most critical parts. It shelters you from the sun, rain, and wind. The roof keeps you and your family comfortable and dry.

These before-mentioned indicators need to be addressed as soon as you notice any of them. The longer they are left or ignored, the more extensive the damage becomes when it comes to roof problems. Unfortunately, the bigger the problem, the bigger the cost. So, when in doubt, let a certified roof expert complete an inspection of your roof and address any issues they find as soon as possible—saving you money while saving your roof and ultimately drastically reducing the chance of structural failure.

If your roof has not recently been inspected or you have had unexpected bad weather. Maybe you noticed any of the signs mentioned above, or you just moved in. Rather be safe than sorry and have a professional roofing company complete an inspection and give you peace of mind.