Maybe you look at your backyard with bewilderment because it is such a disorganised mess. You are not alone; we have all been there at one time, or another. The difficult part is knowing where to start. It all looks so easy on garden makeover programs, but it is not that straightforward in reality. When  you stand with your spade in hand, you realise that the first step is the hardest.

You need inspiration to help you create an astounding garden entertainment area, and you will find it here. Before we begin the process of transforming your land, hire a skip and gather your friends and family to help you strip the area bare. You need a blank canvass to start.

Here are some things you must include in the new design.

A Space To Sit

When you entertain guests, they need a space to sit and socialise. It is not enough to place a few deck chairs on the grass; you must provide a firm, dry surface. Search online for the latest patio ideas, they are incredible. There are several materials you can use to create yours; I have a preference for stone slabs. They are easy to lay, and they cover the area quickly. Wooden or composite decking is en vogue currently because it is an attractive and functional surface. If your land is not level, you can build one over it with ease.

A Softwoods gazebo will provide a place where your guests can retire to find shade during the hottest part of the day. Gazebos are an attractive addition to modern or traditional gardens, and they come in many styles. It is easy to construct one yourself if you are handy with tools. They can be any shape or size you desire. Maybe yours could feature a thatched roof, for example, and look as if it has been there for centuries.


Everybody likes privacy when they are in the garden, and it is of particular importance if your are the host of a sophisticated alfresco dinner party. Good fences make for good neighbours, so build yours big and strong. Tatty fences often let the view of the garden down, so replace the panels when you need to. They are cheap these days, and it is silly to attempt repairs.


If you want to boogie the night away, you should feature some outdoor speakers close to the patio. If you stand them in the window, it doesn’t look good. They are also brilliant for playing natural sounds in the daytime too. They help you relax and relieve and the stress of modern life.


What entertainment area would be complete without a bar? There are many cocktail recipes online, but you should experiment with a few yourself. The bar could be a feature of the gazebo and act as a hub for your parties. More people are starting to appreciate the benefits of outdoor bars these days. Make yours a sight to behold. It is easy with flashing lights and tinsel.

Now your mouth is watering at the thought of your new yard, you must start to create it. Make a proper plan on paper and follow it through to completion. Though it may take many months to finish, it is worth the time and effort; especially the bar. Have fun, the future looks bright!

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